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Classic jazz song, didnt have any "real" brass.. so a kazoo had to do the work.. Would be nice to hear some vocals, bass and maybe piano!... i can post without kazoo if anyone want to add real brass.. im not really sure about tempo... but i guess around 180bpm and vocals start at around 0.40 and around 2.00...
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dixiland, banjo, kazoo, guitar


Nice Dixitrack! :)+2
Cool! The kazoo is great!+2
I'm dancing the Charleston!! Good one!!+1
Rat, I used to do a 2 man show doing 30s-40s songs and we did this. Great job here. Really nice feel to it.+1
July 29 2015 21:47:28
Rat Ye, i love 30s-40s stuff, trying to put together some similar project but hard to find people here that like that music and have good feel for it :( +0
July 29 2015 23:22:38
Gatorblue In addition to this song, we did All of me in G, Do Wah Diddy in E, When you're Smiling,Dinah, Silvery Moon, YOu made me love you, Sweet Georgia Brown, Wild about That Thing, As time goes by, Smile (though heart is breaking)It had to be U, Ain't Misbehaving,Anytime,It's a sin to tell a lie, Come HOme Bill Bailey,Stormy WEather, For me & my gal, My Blue Heaven, Champagne Charlie, Jelly Roll, Always, Lulu's back in town, Melancholy Baby +0
Unfortunately this is in violation of copyright and should not be here at all.

If you don't understand please check with Dick.
August 06 2015 21:05:52
Rat I am aware of it, and have had that discussion with dick when Frizzguitar went away and i agreed that he can remove all tracks he feels brake the rules. So if you feel need to remove it its ok, same with all tracks ive uploaded that violate the copyright. :) +0
August 10 2015 22:51:43
Wade Maybe I'm being a little idealistic here in thinking that members who know the rules will love and enjoy this place enough to protect it. Should this be a place where we have to have "upload police" that have to approve everything that is posted?

You know that button you push to upload? it says that YOU are not uploading anything that has copyright. Did you make a mistake? Is it time to correct that mistake?
August 11 2015 20:09:13
Rat It was mistake, it was made before he clarified the rules which ive should have seen anyway so i appologize, and will report all tracks ive uploaded which break the rules. +1
cool one :)+0
muito bom+0
excellent track Rat!+0

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