Angels In The Infield

United States
Keys & Sequencer:
bluvation730 jams
step I
United States
bluvation730 jams

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For all hell breaking loose around you Gerry you sure are composing/playing some beautiful music.
Bravo-we need all the beauty we can get right now buddy. Very concerned about your safety-in my prayers bro'<3<3
August 20 2020 20:14:12
bluvation Thanks Keith, I appreciate it buddy. Just after I mentioned yesterday that we've been lucky so far with no fires close by I went out side and low and behold the air was grey and full of smoke as if to say don't get too comfortable sucker. So sad about the less fortunate people losing homes , pets and their lives. I can't say enough about the fire fighters and responders, all of them heroes, it's hard to imagine how they do what they do in this heat. I wouldn't last a minute doing what they do. Hope you and Lucy are doing okay and keeping safe during the ever changing weather conditions we're witnessing these days. <3 +1
August 20 2020 20:25:01
kmoon235 Dang-what I saw on the news was terrifying-and then I saw the location and knew they were close to you. Not overly religious but 'nuff to make any man get religion real quick if you know what I mean. Saying them prayers brother.<3<3
August 20 2020 20:36:09
bluvation It's about all you can do at times like this, just hope they reach their destination with all those postal sorting machines ripped out and dismantled :@:o
Great remix brother Keith <3:W
August 20 2020 20:53:48
kmoon235 Thanks Gerry<3 +1
Always you show your creativity and great songwriting talent Gerry ! Wonderful done buddy:)+1
August 20 2020 21:30:15
bluvation Very kind of you, thanks franky :):W +1
Sounds wonderful Gerry very well played my talented M8. Stay safe<3<3+0

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