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Hi, When I listened to this womderful track I immediately got inspired to write some lyrics for it. I hope you like it. Actually I am a keyboard-player and no vocalist. I know that I can't sing to well, so if anybody would like to do it better, feel free to do so...


ah those netherlands girls! :)great lyrics.:)you sing better than i do buddy ! stick with it you will improve.:)+1
August 21 2020 22:34:17
Holger_P oh yes, I left some space after the second verse, just to think about the girls from the Netherlands a little bit ;-)

Thank you a lot for your nice comment!
Super gemacht.....ich wäre glücklich wenn ich so schön singen könnte. Willkommen bei wikiloops<3+0
August 21 2020 23:31:28
Holger_P Dankeschön! Mal gucken ob ich hier auch mal als Keyboarder was beitragen kann. +1
Cool track,welcome to the loops:)+0
August 21 2020 23:35:42
Holger_P Thank you a lot. I´m happy that I found that place. I will try to do a keyboard-track here soon. +1
a great vocal and text Holger and welcome to wikiloops.;)+0
August 21 2020 23:37:55
Holger_P Thank you for your nice welcome, Slin. +0
Nice song friend. Thanks for joining us. Welcome to wikiloops:)+0
August 26 2020 17:49:32
Holger_P thank you! I´m glad that I finally found the wikiloop. i think it´s a nice place to feel good. +0
Wunderschön :) Und willkommen in den 'loops :)+0
August 26 2020 17:53:06
Holger_P dankeschön. ich blick noch nicht so ganz durch, wie das hier genau läuft, aber ich denke mal ich werde es bald rauskriegen,dann mach ich mal was mit keyboards. Bestimmt laufen wir uns dann mal übern Weg. Bis dahin... +1
this is a sweet song HolgerP, welcome to the loops from me :)+0
September 01 2020 12:29:24
Holger_P Hi Shi, thank you very much for your nice comment! I´m not a singer at all, but I got the inspiration for the lyrics and I couldn´t get them out of my head anymore, so it had to be done .... next time I will be here as a keyboard player. +1
Great lyrics. Your voice has a pleasant tone and you hit the notes your trying for, unlike me. :D+0
September 04 2020 12:20:06
Holger_P thank you a lot!:) +1
Welcome to wikiloops :) I think you can definitely sing <3+0
September 14 2020 14:15:18
Holger_P thank you for the nice welcome and the kind words<3
I hope I find the timee to do a little more here, soon.

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