(Explicit lang.) Propaganda Machine

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Guitar & Vocals:
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I added vocals finally, not lyrics par-se, take from it what you will.


I like it......bit like Devo going metal:W:D+1
September 01 2020 22:12:39
fawx Thanks, my talent singing didn't match the song, so this is what I was left with lol +1
September 01 2020 22:19:03
PJE Your talent is just fine....most people including me couldn’t have thought this up never mind performing it....keep on sharing my friend, it’s cool fun:) +1
September 02 2020 17:08:48
fawx Thanks! +1
A bit Orwellesque - but cool somehow... dystopian stoner rock or so...+1
September 02 2020 17:08:30
fawx Kind of the world we live in.... +1
September 07 2020 10:42:53
TeeGee In addition to what WJL wrote, a very creative and unique track!!However some additional comments from the modertor team: I don't know if any of the spoken words are recorded from radio or internet, but please make sure only to upload original material that you have recorded yourself (which you agreed to when you ticked the box during the upload). We have to adhere to copyright laws. You see, if it is a radio broadcast then someone has the rights to it... And secondly, please try to avoid swearing and political content. We are a family friendly site, and in addition do not allow political content. Check out our code of conduct page for more information. Thanks :)
September 13 2020 07:49:50
fawx 1. The initial quote was literally accidentally picked up by my microphone as I was on the phone with a friend of mine (Who agreed to me keeping it), not the radio.
2. The title should cause people with delicate sensibilities to avoid it.
3. it says to "avoid" politics, not: "politics are prohibited"
4. I will edit the title to include "explicit" for the language.

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