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Itocpogo698 jams
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Very cool rhythmic vibe laid down by George!!!! I added 0:24-1:11, 1:44-4:51, 5:04-5.28
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Fusion, Jazz, sax


Fantastic how you build your phrasing on this beat! A sax full of panache, full of jazz creativity!+2
September 02 2020 23:27:21
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Stef!!! I appreciate your very kind words my friend!!! +0
Good to hear you on this and you're playing really well.

His call out to sax players is probably going to see several of us give it a crack...I'm likely to be last...way slow.
September 02 2020 22:27:21
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Wade!!! I am looking forward to your add because you always play a flawless unique view!!! +1
September 03 2020 00:51:23
Wade I wish! But will give it a bash. +1
Amazing how you lock-in on a rhythm and lay down your ultra cool melodies and chops Dan, fantastic:W:):W+1
September 02 2020 23:26:50
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Peter!!! I appreciate your very gracious comment my friend!!! +1
Pretty dope bru!+1
September 02 2020 23:28:08
George T.
Itocpogo Thank You very much,George!!! I appreciate very much!!!! Very cool music you created!!!! +0
<3fantastic Dan!wonderful music<3+1
September 02 2020 23:28:46
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Rene!!! I appreciate it my friend!!! +0
this is some awesome playing Dan.;)+1
September 02 2020 23:29:12
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Nils!!! I appreciate it my friend!!! +1
Great job on the sax Dan!! :)+1
September 03 2020 18:49:31
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Mario!!! I appreciate it my friend!!! +0
Excellent Dan! Great sound and lines. <3+1
September 03 2020 18:49:47
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Andri!!! I appreciate it my friend!!! +0
Panache! Yes Stef said it so well! Wonderfully entetaining <3<3<3+1
September 03 2020 23:13:27
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Tu!!! I appreciate your kind words my friend!!! +1
Complements the track nicely, and I like the runs that smear into echo. Nice one Danski

Like Wades sez.... there'll be a few sax versions
September 04 2020 17:34:50
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Ivan!!!! I appreciate it very much!!! I look forward to your add!!! +1

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