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After a month's holiday alone playing the guitar and not being able to record anything, here is a summary of my adventures on the islands.


Hey Andri! Good to have you back here - lovely track, full of peaceful vacations feeling<3+2
September 04 2020 00:30:41
CI Section
Andri Martin! Thank you so much! Relax and calm <3<3 +1
I thought you'd been missing in actionB)+1
September 03 2020 14:35:03
Andri hahaha no, no .. only holidays! +0
Great track Andri:)+1
September 03 2020 18:00:12
Andri Thank you Pete! <3 +1
Beautiful! And without reading the description I got the feeling of mediterranean islands, a warm ocean and blue skies. Lovely playing, tone and feel.+1
September 03 2020 18:00:39
Andri Dan! Thank you so much! Great comment! <3 +0
Welcome from the back holidays !! :D Inspired!! :)+1
September 03 2020 18:01:32
Andri Hi Mario! Thank you so much! +1
Very good to hear you again bro !:)<3:)+1
September 03 2020 20:58:26
Andri Thank you Phillip! Calm and relax time now :D +1
So Good to have you back!!!!!! Nice playing!!!!! You play with a melodic peacefulness!!!! So Good, Andri!!!! When I change my normal routine that takes me away from my normal playing routine, I find my playing got "different" that I liked but my challenge was somehow to add this "newness" to my arsenal. I was never too successful at it!!!! So keep coming back to this recording and don't change your Wonderful playing before your holiday but try to organically include it in your playing. Michael Brecker said it was difficult for hime to add new phrases to his vocabulary!!!+1
September 04 2020 18:10:39
Andri Dan! You have moved me with this comment. Every day is a musical challenge for me. This past month I've been away from home practically the whole month and haven't been able to record anything. That has made me, practice a lot and look for new "words" for my vocabulary but always within the calm. Thanks for listening to me. A pleasure to read to you. +0
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