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A song for the down and out. The tone is melancholy as I ponder those who live in despair. Is there room for hope? This is my first upload. Please let me know if I have screwed something up or made life difficult. Thanks!
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Sadness, poverty, hope?


Nice work! I like the interplay of the picked guitar and the keys; definitely melancholy. Good song structure, that would definitely suit vocals. Only issue is the lead sometimes clips a bit. Sometimes it's an idea to upload track without lead and then add afterward as a remix. :)+2
September 04 2020 01:39:21
Blaggie Very helpful feedback. Thank you Dan!!! +1
beautifully sad, i like it <3+1
September 04 2020 17:19:02
Blaggie Nicely put, and appreciated. Thank you. +1
Certainly not screwed up. Most Wonderful a wistful melancholy for me and reminds me of things left behind as a very young man, thank you and congratulations<3+1
September 04 2020 17:18:22
Blaggie Thank you so much, PJE. +1
nice guitars :) watch the output levels : once the clipping is there it can't be fixed in the following remixes ;) nice jam !+0
Nice work. Well done.+0
this is pretty Blaggie, has a nice retro feeling to it :)+0
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