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This is a simple progression using a lot of mutating sounds I've been making with a very fragmentary percussion. Lots of glitchy noises and evolving sounds but coupled with a very simple beat to ground it all. There isn't really a bass, but an underlying "thrum" that I've tempo-matched to the beat. Like a lot of my work, it's more about the textures and sound positioning than the notes, but this leaves room for you....
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Soundscape Evolving Flux Chaos


Brilliant and very evocative. I feel a poetry reading comin' on:D+2
September 04 2020 17:13:09
WanHu I played this on repeat a few times, trying to find a melody/vocal rhythm. Just hummed the whole of Talking Heads' "Listening Wind" to myself :@ +1
Great again Dan!!:o+2
Bravo Dan! Amazing sound and groove! :D+2
a wonderful evocotive and sublimely spacious special work of art Dan<3:)+1
Fantastic Your Sound DanDiplo. Excellent job friend. :Y<3;)+1
Excellent!!! :):W+1
A masterly constructed piece of music:W I love it<3+1
Love when the beat kicks in around 1:38. Inspiring again, Dan+1
This is my choice for the famous "Come Back Home" :)+1
:W fantastic Dan,amigo :)+1

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