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(((:Y))) Car Parked, Washin'Machine rolls, let's tune the guitar and hop hop hop a Dan's Track :) (((:J))) Glad to be back :


Hey! Hope you had a good break, wasn't sure if you were back - but, boy, are you BACK. Great to hear you laying down you choppy riffs, ambient chords and spiraling leads. Wasn't sure if just two chords would be a little boring to play over, but you manage to really weave a lovely spell. <3+2
September 04 2020 19:59:13
Tofzegrit Many kilometers driven on south France roads but yes it was a needed break :) thank you for your help in diving in music after the most longer break away from any instrument :)

I did not figure out the length of the track when I put the record on !
Welcome Back and right where you belong Chris, superb guitar mon amis:W:)+1
September 04 2020 19:59:40
Tofzegrit Merci Peter:) +1
cool guitares :) J'imagine que tu recommences que lundi ? ça va pas tarder à piquer un peu ;) courage !+1
September 04 2020 18:59:58
Tofzegrit :)Merci! oui retour au taf lundi 21h30, courses chez Carrefour demain... We live in a perfect world :D +1
September 04 2020 19:05:53
OliVBee C'est toudmeme bien fait hein ? +1
:Y very cool Brother ;)+1
September 04 2020 20:00:29
Tofzegrit 2 years ... 2 years without seeing you !!
Merci Adu
Floats well+1
September 04 2020 20:03:35
Tofzegrit Thank you +0
super guitar brother love it:D+1
Great sound there guys :Y:Y:Y+1
Good to be hearing from you again! Smart backing guitar that's very well thought out. When you step up to playing lead you're still pretty far back but then change gear in the last section. So good.+1
September 06 2020 01:05:51
Tofzegrit Merci Wade and late happy birthday my friend +1
September 06 2020 01:17:52
Wade Thanks! +0
Fantastic Sound from DanDiplo. Fantastic your Guitar line Tofzegrit. I like this Sounds friend <3+1

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