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some furry drummer asked for some groovy basslines to improvise on, so I recorded this lil thing today, really like the way the upright sunds in the new studio...the wooden floor seems to give it some extra magic... and my new fanless (finally finally!) recording computer allows a lot more gain on the mics without having to worry what that hairdryer sound is coming from ;) I'm getting there... hope someone out there has some fun with this now.
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sloppy bass, cantaloop island jam


Now this is is the real deal, what a great sound, gonna attract interesting creations..... I’m not furry but think even I could have some fun with this. Excellent Richard:):W+1
September 08 2020 22:30:30
Dick I just posted the furry guys approach as a first remix :)
If you like this type of simple patterned loops, I could try to post some more, seems that worked quite well without the usual "oh no upright sounds like @!$% :( - in here".
Looking forward to hear your take!
September 09 2020 00:23:01
PJE :W +0
cool sound my friend :) very natural and well defined ! awsome to hear your upright again !+1
Oh Very wonderful your Kontrabass Dick. I like this Warm Sound. Great job friend :Y<3;)+1
well Dick so nice to hear your cool upright and there is an added warmth to the sound :) I like :)+1
Loved the sound of your bass here so much Richard that I went and ordered the same strings for mine - I had Nylonwounds on mine which were like a kind of "plopp" in the lower register, and didn't bow at all. Now everything's fine, thanks to remembering your kind of strings (the red/violet gauge) :) Yours sounds wonderful, now I have to work on my recording setup again :)+1
September 20 2020 14:12:19
Dick upright strings are a tough buy, but my own experience with nylons wasn't so convincing either. Wishing you lots of fun with the new setup - I believe what really does the recording good in my case is the resonating wooden floor in the new studio, that seems to push the really low frequencies a little compared to the tiled concrete floor I used to record on.
Tell your wife you need to re-floor the living room :P
Wonderful upright sound & playing Dick :) And yes, your new studio seems to be nice :)+0
Great template Dick ! <3:)+0
hell yeah, supper groovy line, great sound and very well executed my dear friend+0
Gefällt mir. Sehr chillig. Nur Vocals drauf! :)+0
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