Very late at Merlin's Jazz Club

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New Zealand
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A fun track from apsummerlin that has wonderful elements of polyrhythms. Sopranino added.


i need a cigar and some whiskey at this club! lovely work Wade <3+2
September 09 2020 10:56:56
Wade Wish I could join you for those two wonderfully forbidden pleasures. Thanks rootshell. +1
I like a lot this mixture of Roots&Electro. You bring your touch perfectly and let a lot of “breathe” regarding the groove and contribute in “marking parts”.
Wade & The Mechanic Electric Eclectic.

I’m quickly going to check if I have already congratulate Alan for this template:)
September 09 2020 10:59:28
Wade So glad you like. It's more fun than serious...which is why I like it so much. thanks Chris. +0
Very cool Wade! Love your mixing...spacious! <3 :)+1
September 09 2020 10:55:01
Wade Was a good track without me...just following apsummerlin's lead. Thanks so much for your listen and comment. +1
So cool Wade!! :);)+1
September 09 2020 10:55:58
Wade A great fun Template at a pace I can manage...Ha! Thanks Mario. +1
Really good job! Glad hear you <3+1
September 09 2020 10:57:38
Wade This is quite similar to some of your tracks. Jazzy and fun! Thanks Andri. +0
Very nice your warm Saxophone line Wade great Club feeling . i like this sounds friends:Y<3;)B)+1
September 09 2020 10:58:28
Wade Thanks so much Charli for coming around and checking it out. +1
Thanks for sharing this Wade I enjoyed listening with my morning cuppa.<3+1
September 10 2020 00:27:29
Wade My pleasure...just wish we could have been sharing a cuppa live and playing music together. Maybe next year in Germany? +1
This track is a succulent Eucalyptus that you wrap yourself around and enjoy :)+1
September 11 2020 10:49:08
Wade Ha! No eucalyptus for this critter. I'm stuck in New Zealand...for who knows how long.
So glad to have you around for a listen. Thanks.
I like that sassy approach here and the way you punctuate ap's track in a playful way Wade :)+1
September 11 2020 10:51:08
Wade It's such a playful track. I just jumped in and had fun with it. So glad you like! Thanks Shi. +0
Better late than never. Sounds wonderful Wade, I <3 it! :D:D:D+1
September 11 2020 10:52:26
Wade So glad you are OK with it. All credit and blame to you!. Loved it and still find it wonderfully playful and enticing. +1
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