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SMOKING MIX you guys did here & i just wanted to get a taste of it man ! Mine's not perfect but i still hope you like it, i had REAL GOOD FUN playing ;)


Let's rock.+1
June 23 2014 04:41:05
nuno1959 ;) ;) +0
June 23 2014 05:00:04
nuno1959 Cheers ! ;) +0
Good job!! :)+1
June 23 2014 05:10:43
nuno1959 Thanks ! Man you have a..thing, i mean i heard the 3 tracks you uploaded & they are ALL SOMETHING ELSE man…
it's your playing to begin with, your TONE, the dynamics , how it's recorded - wow….it's the whole nine yards ;)
Nuno!!! Very super!!!!:)+1
June 23 2014 06:15:48
Lenny Cowler
nuno1959 I KNEW you'd like it !! ;) +0
June 23 2014 14:56:01
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler ou yes:) +0
June 23 2014 06:16:12
francisco al
nuno1959 Muito Obrigado ! ;) +0
Awesome, reminds me of old Sabbath...Sound Garden and Nirvana...all at once! you need vocals...+1
June 23 2014 14:27:27
nuno1959 Well put Rp3 - glad you liked it, was a blast !! :D +0
Awesome nuno!:)great colla'b u 3!+1
June 23 2014 14:26:44
nuno1959 Cool ;) +0
finery! I want to listen to in the car. Nice work Nuno:)+1
June 23 2014 15:06:14
Lenny Cowler
nuno1959 Warning : For Best Results Using This Product, The Surgeon General Advises You To Listen To This Mix While Cruising at a Minimum Speed of 200 KM/H.
Failure to Comply Might Invalidate Your Warranty, Mileage May Vary….

Kangaroo mode :D :D :D :D
June 23 2014 15:22:05
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler :)then you can not listen in the car, mine goes to 100 km / h.I'll have to buy new:) +1
June 23 2014 21:53:40
Lenny Cowler
nuno1959 Don't bother, i'll lend you my bike !! ;) +0
cool and very well done+1
June 23 2014 15:27:02
nuno1959 The 2 other musician's parts in this mix provided the inspiration needed w/ their AWESOME performances ;) +0
Yeah ...When i listen this i think : Rock'n'Roll will save the World very good track ... Hop in my custom playlist !+1
June 23 2014 17:43:30
nuno1959 i like that Save the World thing of yours, how VERY Buddhist of you ;) ;)
Personally i was thinking more along the lines of going out & ''Mass Axe Murdering'' all the greedy bastards & politicians that infect this planet w/ my 5 string bass !! :D :D :D
Oh well, another day perhaps…. ;)

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