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These 2 guys, Mauro and Wade are Ripping it up so Cool....not sure this is suitable..... PJEs just finished his imaginary drum solo......he begins to feel depressed now......knowing that imaginary drum solos exist only in the imagination of the imaginer ....and ultimately who gives a f!*k anyway...hahaha:)


Hello PJE,
no reason to be depressed, you made an excellent job with your "imaginary drum solo".
I want to thank you both, Wade and PJE, to added your personal touch to my track.
It's beautiful how musical ideas coming from different souls, belonging to different cultures, mix together to create something unique.
Thanks again and a big hug from Italy for you.
p.s. I know my english is not so good, sorry :)
September 11 2020 19:46:08
PJE Mauro, thank you, your heart is as big as your song I’m not depressed I’m very happy in your cool song with you and Wade, a big hug from UK back to you and your English is great far better than my Italian:) +0
September 11 2020 19:48:12
Tu Hello from Canada! +1
September 11 2020 21:21:35
PJE Big hugs to you too Tu<3 +0
What a kick to hear this with those ultra up-tempo Latin rhythms. Great contrast and certainly not overpowering. So glad we left those big gaps and the drum fadeout is delicious.+3
September 11 2020 21:54:28
PJE Absolutely delightful from you Wade and a huge kick for me as soon as I heard your dulcet tones on this I knew I had to get in on the action.....so good I might well try it twice in fact....thank you +1
September 11 2020 22:23:27
Wade Doing it twice is likely to be twice as good! +1
All over it.... great+1
September 11 2020 21:24:45
PJE Hey Ivan thank you, I kind of went off on a Drum tangent and forgot to 🛑 +1
September 11 2020 22:23:27
Ivanovitch No need

No need

To stop
September 12 2020 01:04:59
PJE :W +1
Woohoo killer track :Y :W :Y+1
September 11 2020 21:23:00
PJE Thank you bro really appreciated :W:):D +0
yeah superb drumming!:D:Y:Y+1
September 11 2020 21:22:26
PJE Thank you so much Claudia that’s a huge compliment from you my friend<3:W +1
September 11 2020 23:17:52
jamlady :)<3:Y +0
You are a very instictive drummer like Keith Moon...Im glad you jump in like you do as if your sticks are channelling man! :o:D<3+1
September 11 2020 19:59:05
PJE Hey Tu, what a compliment and totally He’s one of a kind but yeah I could be a little like Keith Moon, least I could manage driving a car into a swimming pool and blow up toilets with Cherry Bombs......as for drumming the 1st song I ever tried drumming too was I can see for miles:W:)thanks for reminding me :W:)<3 +1
now this sounds real cool Peter, makes me want to dance :)I like all the changes and fills :)+1
September 11 2020 20:31:13
PJE Why thank you Shi, just can’t resist getting too busy:D I think even though I’m supposed to be all grown up, I’ve still got ADHD, guess I will have get my Methylphenidate out again..lol:W +0
September 11 2020 20:34:02
Shi it's not so much 'busy' as a little extra sprinkle of your special seasoning..:) +2
September 11 2020 21:37:22
PJE You write such beautiful compliments<3, you have such a gift with words Shi, thank you:) +1
It reminds me of a Chilean band called Congreso, that only needs piano and it would sound the same, amazing bro [youtube]k3d2IrCthqM[/youtube]+1
September 12 2020 08:55:10
PJE Oh thank you for sharing with me:DThis is so exceptionall good and beautiful who cannot love this??? I love latin music and rhythmns so much its right next to the African beats of my heart, I realy hope we can explore some more of these bro jamming with you is the tops<3:W +0
Great performance PJE! :)+1
September 14 2020 01:23:40
PJE Thank you very much:) +1
September 14 2020 01:22:44
PJE Thank you Marc my friend:W +1

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