Alpenföhn in Brunnen

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In autumn, when the spa town of Brunnen is deserted, a few ships often swing in the lake. If a foehn storm comes up, the air is electrically charged, hot, strong gusts of wind create a special atmosphere. For some headache weather totally. Encouraged by José, I try to combine the boredom in the village without tourists with squalls.


You conjure pictures, importantly for those who’ve never experienced it, wonderful that you can express this with creative music and so intelligently, I often forget or lose the meaning behind what I am doing, you always appear to me to know exactly where you’re at, my friend, which is cool because .......if you don’t know where you’re at.....then where are you?<3:):W+2
September 12 2020 00:26:07
abuitremorem Peter, thank you very much for your very nice comment. I am very happy when I have managed to get close to what I wanted to describe :) In that case it has to do with feeling. This awakened José with his title. To know where I am: mostly where I don't want to stand :) +2
:D Was für eine Stimmung :D
Für mich, totale Übereinstimmung mit Deiner Beschreibung. Kann mich da super hinein versetzen.
Klasse gemacht René :)
September 12 2020 00:28:02
abuitremorem Danke Franky - das freut mich. Ich konnte mir ja nicht sicher sein, ob es funktioniert. :) +1
I think you have accomplished what is in the description perfectly if only I can imagine <3 :W+1
September 12 2020 00:29:25
abuitremorem Thank you Gary. I'm as happy as a blind chicken that has just found a pearl<3:) +1
Sehr Kreative Gitarre und SEQ Spur Renè.Fantastischer Sound .Ja ich mag diese Stimmung.Gute Arbeit Freund ;)+1
September 12 2020 08:47:46
abuitremorem Danke Charli :) +1
Wow .. René .. that's a soundscape .. I see the pictures .. Absolutely great work!!! you are really a painter of sounds!!+1
September 12 2020 08:52:25
abuitremorem Thanks for the nice compliment Patrik. I have often had the experience that when I receive additional information about music, only then do I understand it ... or better. I think it is impossible to bring a guitar tone in such a way that you immediately associate it with a hair dryer storm.:D +0
September 12 2020 08:54:10
Offfocus :D:D Ohh that's so true!! But if you help a bit to imagine .. that's perfekt!! I really enjoyed it! +1
Your sound response gives me great joy.
Making a poetry of the landscape
I like how you put an orchestra to the drums to give atmosphere and it remains as a soundtrack
:o<3:)B) Thank you very much!!
September 12 2020 10:47:11
abuitremorem Thank you José, I'm glad that you like it :)<3 +0
Very Nice one. :D :)+1
September 12 2020 19:08:41
abuitremorem Thank you :) +1
Very nice!
The atmosphere you evoke to in your description is perfectly transmitded by the music.
I think it's a very original sound, remind me to something of 80's electronic avangardes (ex. Cabaret Voltaire tunes).
September 12 2020 17:00:10
abuitremorem Hello Mauro, I think that's a very nice compliment. Your comparison shows me that I freed myself a little from my prison of the 70s and made about 10 years ahead.<3:) +0
Hi René, ich verstehe, was Du hier umgesetzt hast! Ich kenne Brunnen ein wenig und war auch schon Ende Saison da:) Hast die Atmosphäre grossartig "beschrieben"!+1
September 16 2020 17:57:36
abuitremorem Danke Peter. Ich war in Schwyz im Kollegi, Sonntags durften wir manchmal in den Ausgang. In Brunnen gab es eine Disco :D:D:D +1
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