Never drink alone

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Remastered Pat's amazing song #198183 here with my usual loudness target to include it on my next album. All of us speak German, so I can only say danke to Heinz, Peter, and to Patrick (and I hope I got that 'ck' right, I always forget...) Should anyone take this for further remixes, place yours on Pat's track (the one above this one) to save a slot for another musician. Hope you'll like it :) Output levels can be compared graphically on [img][/img]
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ballad, street, bar, loneliness, alcohol


Just perfect! Sounds present but not so intrisive like the Landr version .. Cool!! Thank you very much, Wolfgang!+2
September 12 2020 14:45:41
wjl Welcome Pat :) Oh, and in case you're interested (and I don't have that yet myself): read and see its new and interesting (and free) tool in
And thanks for your kind compliment, and again for your wonderful song :) <3
Unfortunately I can't find the words in English to better comment on this wonderful track, so I'll write it in Italian:
"Mi avete fatto venire la pelle d'oca dall'emozione!"

It's a compliment :)
<3 <3 <3
September 13 2020 19:28:44
wjl Grazie Pasticcio, that is very kind of you to say - and I'm glad if you like it :) +1
Your playing and mixing on this Wolfgang, totally outstanding my friend<3:):Wa treat to my ears, congratulations all+1
September 12 2020 17:49:10
wjl Wow how kind of you to say that Peter - and I'm really glad if you like it :) +1
WOW.. Sound is Incredible and if it was live!!!! Excellent, Wolfgang!!!!+1
September 12 2020 17:48:39
wjl Thank you Dan :) I'm so glad if you like it :) +0
Hi Wolfgang, jetzt bin ich aber wirklich platt, das klingt fantastisch!! Ich bin richtig stolz, dass ich hier mit von der Partie bin:):) Vielen Dank diese tolle Arbeit an alle:)+1
September 12 2020 18:16:45
wjl Ich hab zu danken Peter, oder vielmehr wir Alle - was Du in der letzten Zeit so spielst ist wirklich klasse :) <3
Edit: und Dein Pfeifen - wow. Wie bei Billy Joel's "Stranger" :)
September 12 2020 18:19:53
Pewi Deine Rückmeldung freut mich sehr, denn im Moment hocke ich in meinem Dachstudio und hadere mit mir. (Ideenlos, kreatives Loch etc. solche Sachen gehen mir durch den Kopf) +1
Wonderful intimacy here, feels like falling downstairs to a cabaret speakeasy. Dont need to understand the words to sense the feeling. So cool. Never Drink Alone mi bro!! :D<3;)+1
September 13 2020 19:31:52
wjl Thank you Brian :) And I think Pat's lyrics are about loneliness as much as drinking... loneliness in a crowd so to say... :) Also about being a loser like those beside you in the bar... :) +0
WOW !!! Original et créatif ! ça sort de l'ordinaire... Bravo to all the band <3+1
September 13 2020 20:20:16
wjl Merci beaucoup Philip :) I'm glad if you like it :) <3 +1
Ganz grosse Klasse Männer !:o;)+1
September 15 2020 21:03:41
wjl Vielen Dank Andreas - freut mich wenn's Dir gefällt :) +1

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