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my first own idea on the loops ;)


|Em7 D5 |A |Em7 D5 |A |
|Em7 D5 |A A5 |Em7 D4 |A6 A7 |


Part 1a
|: A6 | % | % | % : |
|Em7 D5 |A |Em7 D5 |A |
|Dmaj7 C#9 |C9 Em/B |Dmaj7 C#9 |C9 Em/B |

Part 1b
|: A6 | % | % | % : |
|Em7 D5 |A |Em7 D5 |A |
|Dmaj7 |C#9 |C9 |Em/B |


Part 2
|A |Bb |C | % |
|A |Bb |C | % |
|A |Bb |G | % |
|A |Bb |E | % |

|Part 1a|

você é bom+2
Robert - it's a treat to hear you doing what you do!
:49 - :59 - WHEE!! you are definitely thinking outside the box on this one. middle section was outstanding - would love to be a fly on the wall inside of your musical mind. elegant finish!
November 25 2014 15:42:27
issiro Thank you very much! nice metaphor! :)

my mind informed me that if you actually gain the transformation into a fly... you are very welcome anytime ;) I want to send a little spy to the source where your ideas flow from, too :)
November 25 2014 17:38:37
AnneCozean well you have already aptly titled our Next Collab, Robert: MIND SPIES. let's get our bugs together! :) +1
November 25 2014 19:03:33
issiro yeah! :) +0
woooooohooo :) an issiro template !!! ôÔ ... very cool buddy i like it !! :D+1
Ja ich fall vom Hocker! Das ist ja mal klasse. Gut gemacht! :)+1
June 24 2014 16:51:33
issiro Danke Dir! :) +0
well now and isn't this a cool thing+1
Killer tone & awesome playing !? Oh well, nothing new then - it's a bass track by Issiro !! ;) ;)
& as always , it sounds fab...
Your first own idea on the loops? Please, please, please with sugar on top, have many more own ideas here on the loops! Sounds great!!!+1
Hey Robert!! Nice playing :D+1

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