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Here is a new acoustic template. Just add what you want... Have a good evening Dear Wikiloopers...
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celtic harp


As always your playing is gorgeous. Any chance of posting this without the drums?+3
September 16 2020 18:42:46
Caroljoyce I shall do it Wade. Thanks a lot. +1
September 17 2020 11:43:40
Wade I can assure you I'll greatly appreciate it and hopefully add something worthwhile. +2
September 17 2020 12:01:41
Caroljoyce Ok I shall do it and I would be glad to have an add from you.
However, I have to improve that piece, because I play in 3/4 instead of 4/4. Just give me a couple of days to cut and correctly settle the bars....
September 17 2020 12:04:56
Caroljoyce When it is ready, I shall give you a sign. +1
September 17 2020 19:43:28
PJE and me too please Ag:W +2
September 17 2020 23:35:09
Caroljoyce Hahaha... yes... I will Peter. +1
great Carol!!B):Y<3+2
Great track <3+2
<3<3 fantastic Agnés :W+2
it's beautiful Agnes. can you send me your harp track Wo drums . I'll try something and if OK we could add the drum again+1
September 16 2020 18:42:02
Caroljoyce Ok, I will send it tonight. 😊 +1
September 16 2020 22:10:38
ERWAN prend ton temps j'ai du grain à moudre sur l'écriture de la ligne violon :| +1
Another beautiful hybrid that takes the best of the past and brings it forward into the modern day. The Celtic Harp is such a lovely instrument and you command it so well <3+1
September 16 2020 18:46:18
Caroljoyce Thank you Dan. I think that I should play at a slower pace. The harp is even more beautiful when some chords « ring» (?) longer. +1
September 17 2020 20:10:45
DanDiplo Well, I'm always a sucker for slow music so wouldn't disagree. But I loved this! +1
Nice tune+1
So beautiful Agnès :) <3 Downloaded together with Erwan's tracks... merci beaucoup :)+1
So wonderful and an inspiring joy, I have a favour to ask Agness, if you could please provide just the beautiful Celtic Harp alone...I would love to try something very much<3:)+1

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