Efficacious Tonic

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this is pretty :)I'm in a little boat gliding down the sun dappled river......:) real nice drums and percs you added here Peter+2
September 15 2020 21:21:05
PJE <3You paint such lovely pictures Shi and thankfully these type of beautiful places still exist for now:) +2
Lovely, really intuitive and very enjoyable my friend <3+2
September 15 2020 21:22:11
PJE Happy Days, what a cool compliment from you Tu my friend<3thank you:) +2
Such a beautiful light touch with all those wonderful polyrhythmic little sounds that (to me) sound like sounds of nature.+2
September 15 2020 22:02:09
PJE Tuned in, and of course with your fine musical and worldly sensibilities you would do!
That’s exactly what I was thinking of, how much natural beauty I have seen pass and have to still watch being eradicated and all for what? So a few people amongst humanity’s masses can have riches and power they can never spend or fully utilise.....it’s insanity....Though I believe in your part of the world they still value the world and nature as the highest of all prizes, thank god
always so much precision with the drums, it's great, everything is in place with the Ebow on the guitar, it's hovering<3+2
September 16 2020 22:02:18
PJE Thank you for a beautiful compliment my friend<3:) +1
nice touch <3+1
Wooooow bro, really good add man, I must apologize because that track is recorded without a metronome :| , but it sounds spectacular bro, such a subtle and visionary accompaniment, thank you friend for your incredible work :o+1
September 16 2020 22:01:40
PJE It’s a beautiful track, no apologies necessary.....you give me such inspiration and gifts with your music bro, I could not wish for more<3:)thank you Mugicio +1
September 18 2020 03:12:05
Mugicio Gracias amigo !! :W +1
Empathetic percussion that shows a real versatility in your playing. Great combo!+1
September 16 2020 22:02:47
PJE So kind of you Dan thank you +0
Beautiful add Peter <3+1
September 16 2020 22:03:20
PJE Thank you my good friend jhon<3:) +1
<3good my friend...:W+0

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