Olivs Fast Samba+Shi vocal Again (Olivs mix)

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Feel my heartbeat, it’s going faster. Can someone please explain to me, what this fascination is and could there be a remedy. A cure, a possibility. ’Cause it would mean a lot to me. Breathe again or try to, just a minute, before it starts again, again, again, again. So I’ll take another measure, counting one two three and then, take a little more at my leisure so it all begins again. Breathe again, or try to, just a minute oooh. ...
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samba, latin, jazz


..."just a minute"...and so hot! :D Book me a place during that few seconds after second "just a minute" and between "how lovely it sounds" and "sounds to me"...and also here and there... thanks. Your ChubbyLady ;)+2
quality as always nice lyrics great subtle accompaniment - sperlatives all round+2
June 24 2014 22:42:49
Babbazitt spetrlatives = superlatives (typo) +0
Bei euch schreibe ich nix mehr! Wird mir zuviel! ;) Again masterclass!!! :)+2
June 25 2014 01:25:39
mandolodda wir müssen ja nicht in der oberliga mitspielen, regionalliga geht auch:-)
aber wir dürfen zur oberliga mitspielen. wie zum bleistift Adam oder dafunky
macht immer wieder spaß
June 25 2014 01:27:31
mandolodda ach, und clusters werden einfach überbewertet.
ein hoch auf RobJol, so schöne einfache akkorde
Wow! This is a gift! :D+2
Very nice!+1
my thanks to Oliv and JamminWithU for a fab track and thanks also to Oliv for the cool mix :)+1
yesssss !! very nice and soooo into the groove ;)+1
it's 2AM here & I'm eating cherries as i listen to this, problem is my jaws CAN'T keep up with the groovalisciousness of this mix - it's AWESOME !! :D

Oh boy, what a great combination : total silence outside, the Wikiloops AND this song w/ ripe, cool cherries !

Man, life IS good ;) ;) Many thanks to ALL involved ;) ;)
musica de vocês. sorria; brincadeira: muito bom+1
Brilliant Singing!+1

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