Olivs Fast Samba+Shi vocal Again (Olivs mix)

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Feel my heartbeat, it’s going faster. Can someone please explain to me, what this
fascination is and could there be a remedy. A cure, a possibility. ’Cause it would mean a lot to me. Breathe again or try to, just a minute, before it starts again, again, again, again.
So I’ll take another measure, counting one two three and then, take a little more at my leisure so it all begins again. Breathe again, or try to, just a minute oooh. Shall we dance, the music I hear is all in my head but oh how lovely it sounds, it sounds ,sounds to me. I can feel my pulse is racing. Tell me who will win the prize. Closer still and we are facing, heart to heart and eye to eye. Feel the rhythm taking over, so compelling, feels so right.
Breathe again or try to, just a minute. Breathe again or try to, just a minute. Oh oh oh baby. (Shi 2014)


November 07 2015 13:42:41
LieschingLiesching Finally discovered! Beautiful Lady!!
+1 November 07 2015 13:51:37 LieschingShi
thanks so much Marc :)
October 02 2015 19:14:54
jamladyjamlady just super Shi!
+1 October 02 2015 20:44:38 jamladyShi
thanks so much jamlady :)
February 23 2015 23:59:06
bleymehlbleymehl Very nice song, I like it!

February 05 2015 16:40:58
Pit BrettPit Brett wonderful!!!
+1 February 05 2015 20:33:04 Pit BrettShi
thank you Pit :)
December 02 2014 22:14:42
EngrInAZEngrInAZ Missed this one, very nice Shi!
+1 December 03 2014 14:19:27 EngrInAZShi
thanks Engr :)
June 28 2014 01:24:23
WadeWade Fine lyrics and very well sung. Well paced leaving the instruments and vocals to weave through each other.

June 27 2014 22:48:02
JamminWithUJamminWithU Brilliant Singing!

June 26 2014 17:41:19
WernerWerner Wow! This is a gift! :D

June 26 2014 04:49:20
francisco alfrancisco al musica de vocês. sorria; brincadeira: muito bom

June 25 2014 15:33:34
RonfloxRonflox A real nice one, bravo!


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