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Czech Republic
Guitar, Percussion & Vocals:
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Hi, I'm still looking around what and how Wikiloops works together ... I liked the saxophone recorded by Wade, so I did my own remix... :-) is it possible to do that?
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Funky, Blues


You did great! Very funky, well sounding track! Really enjoyed it!

I am assuming you used an isolated sax track from Wade. Normally you want to post the mix under the other persons track so they get credit but sometimes you borrowed their isolated track and its more appropriate to ensure they recieve proper credit for their contribution. So , you are fine and making sure Wade gets credit for his part...no worries, you did everything as you would want to be treated for your music. The ONLY things you need to know about wikiloops is 1. Treat others music as you wish to be treated. 2. Respect others musical styles and abilities.This is a free haven to hone your craft for all. Encouragment rather then criticism goes along way. 3. Get to know other musicians by complimenting their music. In real life if you start a band , you want to "feel" others personalities. Same here. Some people you will connect with more then others but you have to make the first step and compliment others.You will find by doing so , your audience grows.

Great track! No worries , you did everything respectfully and besides....its a very cool track!
September 19 2020 20:00:23
LittleWing oh yeah rule 4 is most important....HAVE FUN! +0
September 19 2020 20:04:59
arcifric Thanks for the reply, I originally wanted to do it as a remix of Wade sax, but it was actually originally on my track ... and I didn't know how to do it at all ... Wade sax has its own ID and my track has a different ID. ..so maybe Wade won't be angry .... I like his Sax +1
September 19 2020 20:17:13
LittleWing Im sure Wade will love it. No worries, situations like this happen fairly often and you did it the correct way. As long as the musician recieves credit for their playing you are okay.You can also message Wade just to let him know you took his part . I dont really think anyone will have any issue at all. This track is now sticking in my head! +1
Really like the way you've rearranged this. All good. When there is a separate track (WAV) it's there for just this sort of purpose. The problem sometimes is that a player like me is playing off the beat a lot (mainly because I'm jamming and so getting al my clues by listening). If there's a click track it then allows you to line it all up. If you try to do this by ear, then you can't tell if I'm playing on the beat or off the beat. On this track it will sound like I'm playing ahead of the beat a lot of the time. That's because you synced it to the off beat. In other words if you put the sax back half a beat you find that it makes more sense/works better.

Most amusing the way it is. Maybe you meant to have it this way? No matter I really like your playing and the track.

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