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What he actually said was "WTF is going on here?" and Ive no idea at all Lol.........But anyway what a phenomenal guitarist Rick is, hope I didnt hold him back in my decrepit state, right now thanks for listening


I'm not hearing decrepit at all here Peter...you didn't miss a beat on Rick's cool jazzy number :)+2
September 21 2020 21:03:55
PJE Always love your wonderfully gracious compliments Shi, thank you:D +1
This is a fun listen and super syncopated playing! Wow!+1
September 21 2020 21:05:33
PJE Thanks so much Sami, that Rick AC is a crazy master musician :):W +1
Wow! great drums here 👍! I don't understand anything about jazz:D:D B)+1
September 21 2020 21:27:57
PJE Many thanks Jef, neither do I my friend, but I guess its all about rhythms and feel just the same as all music and life:W:DB) +0
Perfect timing. You da man on drums.:W+1
September 21 2020 21:32:01
PJE Too cool this one Rick, thanks man:W +0
So jazzy cool and sweet drumming on this l'il number amigo .. sounds great!!! :W+1
September 22 2020 00:09:06
PJE Thanks a bunch Ernie amigo, that’s a real fine compliment from you:W:) +1
Cool! sounds great :W+1
September 22 2020 21:54:07
PJE :Y:) +0
Wow, man this is really cool, your drums man OMFG!+1
September 22 2020 21:53:56
PJE Hey bro, very much appreciate your cool compliments, cheers man:W:) +0
You are on fire today. You need to spill on the bike more often!+1
September 23 2020 00:47:19
PJE Needed to try something and not fall off lol:Wthanks my friend:W +0
A great template deserving a great drum track...still worried for you...I'll shut up about it when you tell me to. (Most of us are too old to have parents to lecture us!?)+1
September 22 2020 11:15:29
PJE Hey Wade, I’m getting plenty of well meaning stick this end too,and thanks for your concern I know you are right, problem is we don’t bounce as well as we used too:D I’m gonna take it steady and try keep in mind what’s really important as I also hope you do, we need your gift for playing and telling things as it is....for a whole lot longer my friend cheers +1
September 22 2020 11:37:15
Wade Yea, I'm one to talk. Most people my age are either retired or dead. I was up at our forest on the end of a chainsaw for most of the day taking down big trees, cutting them up and dragging them around. I did buy myself a new helmet after the previous one cracked like an egg. Let's play safely? +1
September 22 2020 21:48:38
PJE Lol:Dvisions of you playing the chainsaw, now this is something I’ve just got hear is it an alto, tenor or baritone??? +1
September 22 2020 22:03:17
Wade Funny that! Just like sax playing I use a moderately big saw to drop trees (like a tenor) and the smallest chainsaw to do most of the cutting up (like a sopranino). Those are the two voices I use 90% of the time playing sax...go figure! The sound/tone is usually drown out by earbuds listening to music and Category 5 hearing protection cups over the top. +1
September 22 2020 22:12:00
PJE Knew you would make musical, even if dangerously so....wish I’d have had some of those ear defenders years ago, might have saved my hearing....anyway ensure you are safe Wade looks like we’re all gonna be hunkering down for a while yet, means even more jamming for us..I hope +1
September 23 2020 00:43:23
Wade Really little/no difference for me living in the countryside and working with trees/plants. Only thing is I can't travel and take care of our place in Australia or get do the work there that needs doing. Stuck in New Zealand indefinitely. No matter, lots of work to do here...usually too much. Hopefully will be able to go play live soon. We just went down to level 2, so limited gatherings OK. No new cases in the community for nearly a week. +1
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