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This song came to me as i was having a walk in the saltings somewhere in Bretagne ... there was this old windmill (used to pump sea water and fill the pools) that had this beautiful wooden door ... i just had to stop and enjoy the place ... play with miss curves and that is the song that came to me !
check out a sketch i did of the place
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Truely inspired from above!
Excellence --> simplicity --> beauty
I see we have A lot in common. The need to create music from what inspires us. To see the beauty in an old door. And the sketches are a testament to not just your music, but how you see the world around you. I too enjoy drawing as an outward expression of inner feelings along with music. Beautiful...+2
May 02 2017 21:07:51
OliVBee would love to see some of your drawings :) thanks for the nice words buddy ! +1
oh, that sound... lovely... the time has stopped for a while... just windmill propeller has remained spinning... :)+1
how very lovely..... and lovely+1
I have pictures ! Very very nice ! :)+1
Nice tune and great art work...+1
sounds like Miss Curves enjoyed herself, as well.
excellent patterns - like the way the bass works itself upward against the guitar line. surprising progression - but that's not surprising, Mr Bee. 8) change of pace at 1:40 is nice. very cool relationship between the 2 lines of melody. and you finished with a flourish.
bravo, brother!
June 25 2014 22:35:20
OliVBee its only miss curves playing right ? she has a deeeeeep voice :) +1
June 26 2014 14:04:41
OliVBee and thank you sis from the other side of the big pond +1
hey, there is a problem with the chords info:-))+1
June 25 2014 23:04:23
OliVBee that's right there's a problem there hehe +0
nice guitar again OliV!:)
So expressive!:)
very well played+1

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