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This song came to me as i was having a walk in the saltings somewhere in Bretagne ... there was this old windmill (used to pump sea water and fill the pools) that had this beautiful wooden door ... i just had to stop and enjoy the place ... play with miss curves and that is the song that came to me !
check out a sketch i did of the place


May 02 2017 20:50:52
I see we have A lot in common. The need to create music from what inspires us. To see the beauty in an old door. And the sketches are a testament to not just your music, but how you see the world around you. I too enjoy drawing as an outward expression of inner feelings along with music. Beautiful...
+1 May 02 2017 21:07:51 Acousticeg OliVBee
would love to see some of your drawings :) thanks for the nice words buddy !
February 21 2017 03:56:43
Very tranquil :)

May 02 2016 19:58:25
Beautiful Oli !

May 02 2016 18:41:55
I had to climb up into the tree... Great one Oliv' ^^

January 30 2016 21:52:29
Wonderful one again :)

January 09 2016 13:25:11
It seems this was in my close neighborhood ... Your sketch shows the typical Brittany's windmill. But windmills here in Guérande's salt marshes are just windmills like other, used for grinding wheat ! Pools are filled by the Atlantic's high tides. Well, that's just a technical detail. I feel I'll have to do something with this ballad :-)
As a pictural contribution, see here pictures I took of the marshes where "Fleur de sel" grows (slideshow) http://www.moycompany.com/site/Gu_rande/Gu_rande_et_les_marais/index.html

June 23 2015 21:06:55
I feel like i'm there Oli! Wow. I'm a huge evergreen fan, love the trees, I can smell em! The evergreen sap! I spot of peace on Earth :)

I feel like i'm there with you.

Great moment with the music Oli.

Thanks :)

P.S. That doorway needs a bit of spackle.

+1 June 23 2015 21:11:02 Girard OliVBee
nooooo repairs would just take all the charm away ;) thanks !
June 23 2015 21:14:35 Girard Girard
Yes I know :)

Can you find out how old it is? I'd like to know.
June 23 2015 21:18:43 Girard OliVBee
the mill is roughly 300 yrs old
June 23 2015 21:19:21 Girard Girard
Great. Thanks so much. That information completes this experience for me. I don't know the last time I saw a 300 year old building.
July 01 2014 21:32:03
very nice :)

June 29 2014 19:30:37
je suis d'accord avec Lutz ... Excellence simplicité et beauté ... je suis sûr que tu n'as pas fait exprès d'oublier les accords ;)

June 28 2014 01:26:04
Classic OliVBee! Definitely pushing my "drop everything and play this now" buttons. Will resist, but only for a little while.


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