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Two of my favorite player/composers in this fine could I not want to be in there with them? Sopranino come in about 1/4 of the way through and comes back in at about 2/3 of the way through and at the end. Such a pleasure to play with these two.


Always a delightful offering from your good self.A really interesting blend of musicians here...the loops is like a box of never know what youll get. <3<3<3+3
September 23 2020 11:36:25
DanDiplo Fab comment! <3 +2
September 23 2020 11:40:26
Tu Ive just written some words for #190376 Im hoping it will turn out tasty like a chocolate covered fav.<3 +3
September 23 2020 11:46:17
DanDiplo You're making me salivate now! +3
September 25 2020 21:14:50
Wade Up to you whether you eat the one you like least first and save the best for last or the other way around. Just don't leave any uneaten! +2
September 25 2020 22:59:48
Tu Wade I promise to eat all chocoaltes you offer without leaving gobbed on half eaten ones behind:o +0
Now this is a real treat! Without getting too back-slappy, you're one of the best soloists on the loops, so always a joy to hear your playing. You always manage to extract something new from a track, like an explorer discovering somewhere new yet instantly feels like home.+1
September 25 2020 21:27:40
Wade Such a very kind thing to say. Thanks! To be honest I'm just as happy playing backing, but the sax doesn't always sit happily behind and tends to pop up (like a floater?). So you wind up either jumping in with short flourishes (like Fishinmisso does) or way too often playing lead like me. I'd really love to be a bass player. How wonderful to be the bedrock and ignored by the plebeians but treasured by those who know. +0
Very nice your Saxophon line Wade.great sounds I like it :Y<3;)+1
September 25 2020 21:28:36
Wade Thanks Charli. so kind of you to give a listen. +1
Another place I didn’t know, a bit of sea, jungle, rocky red mountain but no danger around, a kind of anthem for a peaceful island...
Maybe the title has influenced me and I’m just having my morning coffee while listening to you guys... a peaceful day to come ? I hope so :)
And the rain time has also started today here
September 25 2020 21:32:07
Wade All credit to Dan and Mario for creating this wonderful and slightly exotic setting. Thanks Christopher! +0
Listening to this while we're getting sloppily slapped outside with the last remnants of Hurricane Teddy. No gardening today but some great sounds on Dan and Mario's fantastic template. Really nice Wade! :W+1
September 25 2020 21:33:35
Wade Yes, a very moody and inspirational template that got me from the first listen. Thanks Ernie. +1
Great music. :)+1
September 25 2020 21:34:05
Wade Cheers Telemetry! Wishing you well. +1
this so enjoyable to listen to, fine track. your playing is amazing Wade <3+1
September 25 2020 21:35:57
Wade So glad you like. I've just recorded an add to one of yours. Haven't listened back or edited, could be a while till it surfaces...or never? Watch for it in one of my other memberships. +1
September 25 2020 21:38:34
rootshell oh wow! would be amazing to hear! +1
The sopranino track is superb in sound and harmonically !! The mix of the Dan's template, the double bass sound and the sopranino is very good. I don't have to remind you that you are one of the best soloists on the site and you already knew this opinion !!! Each jam of this type confirms my opinion! Excellent! ;)+1
September 25 2020 21:38:31
Wade So kind of you Mario. How many tracks have I followed you on here? I'm sure that it's more than any other player. There's a reason! This offering from you and Dan is superb and I really enjoyed. +1
So wonderful Wade :) <3+1
September 25 2020 21:39:16
Wade Thanks Wolfgang! A great template that really speaks to me. +1
You translate your title wonderfully :)
September 25 2020 21:39:54
Wade Thanks titi. You always "get it". +1

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