Rough Jive Boogie

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This is a repost of a mix i uploaded some time ago…

However the gain levels have been re-set, compressor settings, EQ also ''perfected'' if that is the correct expression to try keep everything NOT reaching the red as it was… :(
I know, i'm terrible...

I realise that despite this the recording still is grainy but still, am REALLY hoping any one of you GREAT drummers out there would make a Kick-A** drum track for this & i mean coming down on those drums like a ton of bricks !! ;-)

Here's hoping…...


June 27 2014 06:51:37
Rod_StevensRod_Stevens Fresh ;)
+1 June 27 2014 12:29:21 Rod_Stevensnuno1959
Thanks Rod !!
June 27 2014 00:21:35
cody trippcody tripp killer
+1 June 27 2014 01:32:02 cody trippnuno1959
Glad you think so...
June 26 2014 21:39:02
ShiShi woohoo.....:)
+1 June 27 2014 01:31:45 Shinuno1959
All aboard !! ;)
June 26 2014 20:04:37
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler It is super!!Thank you for such songs:)
+1 June 26 2014 20:32:48 Lenny Cowlernuno1959
& i Thank You for listening & commenting ;)
Keep them coming, my ego CAN take it !! :D
June 26 2014 14:00:38
RickplayerRickplayer really well done like the way you put this together
+1 June 26 2014 14:53:37 Rickplayernuno1959
Appreciated my friend !! ;)
As they say, a bit of ''spit & polish'' never hurt anyone…. ;)
June 26 2014 13:00:21
incivanpicoincivanpico this is cool nuno!:)Play the Bass as a lead Instrument!!!, great job:)
+1 June 26 2014 13:57:54 incivanpiconuno1959
I have a few older mixes like this ! The problem is, i used to record going in WAY TOO HOT in the gain department & it spoiled them some…
Yesterday listening to it, i decided to polish it a little & think i'll do the same to others as well ;)
Glad you enjoyed it Inci !!
June 26 2014 14:05:37 incivanpicoincivanpico
John Entwistle of the Who!, play'd the same way nuno!, I like the Bass to come forward in the mix!:)
June 26 2014 14:52:26 incivanpiconuno1959
& he sure was of my all time favourite bass players while growing up - you'll get no argument there !! ;)
June 26 2014 08:41:12
NeronickNeronick I can imagine a orchestra in the background too to brake some rules...:). Of course drums would fit nice to this cool track.
+1 June 26 2014 13:54:30 Neronicknuno1959
Why not indeed ?… I grew up hearing rules are MEANT to be broken, that's half the fun of living ;)
June 26 2014 07:01:11
OliVBeeOliVBee feels a whole lot better !!
+1 June 26 2014 13:42:11 OliVBeenuno1959
Some of the roughness is impossible to get rid off since i recorded going in ''too hot'' anyway but yes, it does feel less ''aggressive'' as it originally was… ;)
June 26 2014 06:22:30
akethesnakerakethesnaker Well I`m not so bad on drums but my feets don`t work toghether with my arms:D
+1 June 26 2014 06:24:48 akethesnakernuno1959
Then it's just the same as me !!! :D :D
June 26 2014 06:20:47
akethesnakerakethesnaker I would play to this if I was a drummer, nice!:)


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