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This one is a song wrote on a little stringed instrument called a Merlin that a dear friend who has since passed gave me. She said "see what you can do with this thing" or something like that and just gave it to me for free. I told her "I will try" and she said she would do the same with her health. Luckily she was with us for a while longer and said she liked the song even if ...


such a pretty sound...sorry for your loss as well. great tribute song, has lots of character, very lovely <3+2
October 07 2020 03:00:53
sami Thank you! +1
Wonderful your Sound sami ! I also join the root shell.<3<3+2
October 07 2020 04:57:16
sami Thank you Charlie! +1
A sweet sounding instrument and a lovely story of loss, gain and passing love along. I'd love to play along with this, but I'm horribly slow...could be a while.............................................etc.+1
October 09 2020 02:52:48
sami I hear ya and no rush, but I bet it would sound great! :) +1
wonderful timbre+1
October 09 2020 02:53:13
sami Thank you Frank! I kind of wish I would have kept it. Might have to get another one. :) +1
Marvellous how you can musically express feelings sami, this is a beautiful sounding instrument I’ve never heard before<3;)+1
October 07 2020 05:44:29
sami Thank you PJE! Really appreciate it and yes, they are kind of a new instrument design. They are usually diatonic so they urge you into a major scale which is fun and makes it easy for people to learn songs on. When you push it into other modes of the diatonic scale you end up with a more mystic sound hence the Merlin name. Now they are called M4's cause somebody sued them I think about the Merlin name. +1
"see what you can do with this thing" is a very unbiased impulse to start a song :) sounds terrefic! :) Merlin seams simliar to an Ukulele, as I browse in the Internet, I can see two strings are paired together? Has itit a Uke or guitar strings tuning?+1
October 09 2020 02:54:20
sami Thank you hartmut! I actually don't know exactly about the tuning because on this I tuned it to an open chord without checking to see how they recommend it be tuned. The frets are diatonic though, not chromatic. +1
a awesome sound and playing sami you should sing on this one.;)+1
October 09 2020 02:54:35
sami Hmm thanks Slin! I might do that.:) +1
Sounds very good !!! <3+1
October 09 2020 02:54:49
sami Thank you Filo!! :) +1
This is amazing Sami, you can hear the emotions in the music, a journey.

Fantastic tribute, it's beautiful.
October 09 2020 20:53:54
sami Thank you RJ!! That;;s very kind of you and I'm glad you like it! :) Love your vocals too on Snow on Ice! +0

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