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Absolutely Gorgeous Music and sublime play from Luis, its just a pity I have totally no idea what i'm trying to play here, so please don't shoot me for winging and ruining it:) Thanks for listening


Nights in Red Satin!! Woah total avant-garde (maybe not the right term but experimental) drumming from you ... sounds to me like it fits really good ... you are at heart some sort of jazz cat savant are U not my friend!! :D:D:W:W Nice goin Prev! Sounds wicked bro!:);)+2
October 15 2020 19:13:02
PJE Hey bro Haha I’v definitely got that :omental Weirdness going on alright, I love jazz and love trying, if you say it sounds wicked then I’m very happy:), I always respect your cool musicality, thanks for this super compliment amigo:D:D:W
So when are Enid and Prev next up:o:W
Very nice your addition my friend ..... it was not easy:W:W+2
October 15 2020 19:24:52
PJE Thank you jhon, my friend you are right this was a challenge, Luis is a prodigy and a wonderful composer, I was listening last night to a ballad you did with him, it’s beautiful and I hope one day we can share it my friend:W:) +1
October 15 2020 21:56:40
jhonrobert You're right Luis is a very good musician I did something with him .. I would like your participation:W +1
October 15 2020 23:58:04
PJE I will find it jhon, I think though you may have added some rhythms....I will check and let you know my friend:W +1
now I just happened to stop by this cool little club and there were these two guys on stage and WOW really :) fantastic and creative drums Peter and those keys from Tyros too Top Class :)+2
October 16 2020 00:04:59
PJE You conjure a wonderful scene with your beautiful and generous compliment, thank You so much Shi my friend<3:) +0
Muy bueno! :) Y bonita intro, esa intro me gustó mucho+2
October 16 2020 16:26:22
PJE :)Siempre es un placer tocar la batería con tu increíble música Luis, dale mis saludos a Eva y Belen fantásticos cantantes con quienes es un gran placer escuchar su pasión y tocar ritmos latinos con ... gracias mi amigo genio musical ... espero mi español esta bien<3:) +1
October 16 2020 16:43:48
tyros4 Belén es mi madre y Eva mi tía😁😁se lo diré!! 😇Muchas gracias jeje +1
October 16 2020 16:47:02
PJE Hermosa y talentosa familia musical es maravillosa ... mantente a salvo:W +0
October 16 2020 23:20:00
GlezBass Luis tenemos jam con Peter #200752 le eche un poco de witos!!! casi te pillo jajaja , dime que te parece... :D:W +1
Great work on the drums, Pete with nice embellishments; track has an interesting avantgarde/film noìre feel...;)+1
October 15 2020 19:26:07
PJE Hey Carp my friend, thanks so much:W:) +1
Very cool jazz jam+1
October 15 2020 19:51:26
PJE Thanks bro, you are a real gent Gary:W:) +1
A complicated site to accompany but you have solved it perfectly. Bravo+1
October 15 2020 19:50:39
PJE Thanks so much my friend, great compliment from you Andri:W<3 +0
Your intuitivness is clear here...its so natural <3:D<3+1
October 16 2020 00:02:40
PJE Thanks so much Tu<3:) +1
elegant, brilliant, high-class, with movement and if i had more cool words to add i would...amazing stuff Peter <3 <3 suit and tie required for sure hehe :)+1
October 16 2020 07:36:54
PJE The credit is really all Luis for the brilliance of his inspiring playing and music, yes I had to get my bib and tucker on for this lol,:Dthough You’ve made me blush Nick, that’s a really beautiful class compliment and coming from you, makes it even more treasured , thank you so much my friend<3:) +1
Amazing Peter :o !! Playing with Luis is a challenge for most of us because he is on another musical level, but playing with him is always a pleasure. This track is complicated in itself, but the resolution of your rhythm and change in the drums sound impeccable to me, I thought someone should play here their cymbals and toms playing with Luis's keys, and here my goodness here is the jam !!!! Now the challenge continues for others or the fun, because here you don't compete musically ..... I don't know what I'm going to do with the bass but I have to try this weekend!

Thank you very much Peter for your track as "Antonio -Peter-Sanchez", really good friend !!!! very good!!!

October 16 2020 12:25:15
PJE :oWow Mario, how can I thank you for this incredible compliment :o"Antonio Sanchez"<3 is a Dream Drummer, I could only wish to play like...of course Luis is in the top league and one can only try to accompany him in a limited fashion. I am very happy youve have heard this now it just waits for your bass and know how, I will be honoured, proud & delighted to have you share with us amigo, thank you so much<3<3:W:D +1

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