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As Peter I don't know what I've done here !! I have not dared to fretless like Kai on his track, but using 5 strings and leaning on the fundamental notes of Luis's diabolical track I think it can be heard from the "optics" of free jazz. Thanks to Peter because his track helped me a lot to keep the rhythm in certain moments !!! BASS: Maruszczyk Elwood TCS 5th strings (32") play 30/70 pickups sound S3 switch pluggin INTERFACE SOUND: ...


Wow *that* is cool indeed :) Reminds me a bit of the Chick Corea band, during times like "My Spanish Heart" :) :W+4
October 16 2020 21:59:44
GlezBass Many thanks Wolfgang!! you're right! with the proper distances it sounds a bit like that band !! Well, I think Luis is very close to Korea, it is impressive! Thanks for your wise feedback :) :W +1
October 17 2020 08:51:45
Andri Really Chick Corea Band, Wolfang :) +1
WoW!!! Now you can sign a contract with Chick Mr Mario Jackson :D 👍 :)+3
October 16 2020 23:16:40
GlezBass Ha ha ha thanks for the compliment!! It was not an easy jam, I had to analyze fundamental notes and study the jam a little, I did not get 100% of the notes in their correct place and some area I had to remix it with second intention ... a small digital edition to accompany the moments of tension and calm in Luis's piano, but together with Peter's impressive drums he can be heard. We had to try it!!! :D +1
October 16 2020 23:22:55
KaiPlan Hey Gez, well done I think! Your version seems very relaxed to me. I know: "less is more". I'm not that far artistically myself. I think I would like to be able to play all the notes on the bass at the moment, and then maybe leave them all out later, with a few exceptions. (Miles Davids played 430,000 notes in 5 seconds during his BeBop time. In his last works only a very well set tone here and there, and both were great!) That's why I like your version just as much as mine "wilder" interpretation. Although what annoys me is that your bass always sounds a bit fuller and bassier than mine, and I don't know why ... Greetings:W +1
October 16 2020 23:33:26
GlezBass Thank you very much for your feedback Kai !!!
I love your fretless "silky" Pedulla midtones.
In the comments I leave how I made the recording to know how I get the sound myself in future auditions and to share the experience with loopers.

I will tell you in a few steps how I got this:
- consider it to be a 5-string bass and here I used many notes on the fifth string with a 135 gauge
- In the bass EQ I open 60% of the bass tone and this Maruszczyk bass has a switch position where the three pickups are put in series (a lot of punch)
- then I do a final digital edit with VST Chorus, VST Ozone Imager (stereo) and Driver valve emulated
- I record in stereo with double direct IN jack on the interface 50 gain signal withouth analogic effects ;)

everything collaborates in the tone !!! experience something like this if you like the tone, Ozone and TAL Chorus give a lot of space to the sound !!
October 16 2020 23:56:38
KaiPlan Wow respect! That sounds pretty complicated to me, and I have to deal with it more. I still learned "the sound comes from the fingers". I play (except for a looped-in EBS reverb pedal) directly into a Warwick LWA 1000 Amp. Maybe I should fire the cleaning lady and hire a sound engineer instead. ;)(Thanks for your technical note!):D:W +1
October 17 2020 00:01:09
GlezBass ha ha ha ha !!! without a doubt the sound comes from the harmony, the groove and the fingers !!! everything I told you is useless without fingers !!!! In addition to playing bass, I also like the digital editing side, I am a frustrated sound engineer ha ha ha (the cleaning lady is more necessary in our lives ...) +1
October 17 2020 00:07:26
GlezBass to summarize
- If you are going to play here in digital format, using VST effects (integrated in your DAW recording software) is the simplest if you use earphones like me to record
- if you are going to play live you can use the same effects but in analog format, and we will not always get the same sound ;)
October 19 2020 02:59:45
KaiPlan Thanks Filo for your very nice comments! B):W +1
lovely jazz trio here :)elegant and creative sounds+2
October 16 2020 22:00:15
GlezBass many thanks for listen and feedback! not easy session!! :P +1
Smooth bass+2
October 16 2020 22:07:20
GlezBass many thanks Gary!! ;) +1
OMG, the playing’s great. :D+2
October 16 2020 23:10:03
GlezBass thanks so much Blaggie!!! ;) +1
The richness of your sound and playing , it’s like a cascade of musical waterfall and rapids, this is incredible fusion modern jazz in free form, but yet with solid and tight foundations as if rehearsed to presentation quality. I knew you were a great musician but now realise how truly excellent and gifted you are, this is the right sound, feel, emotion and technicality to bring understanding of this beauty piece. A true honour Mario, thank you does not seem enough to fully appreciate but it means so much to me amigo<3<3:):WBravo:o+2
October 16 2020 23:50:08
GlezBass I think exactly the same of you Peter !! This drum track is not available to many drummers and it is also absolutely creative !! Without her I would not have been able to play. I recognize that I have recorded it studying it for 1 hour with three takes (the last one the final one), maybe more study and more takes would have improved it, but it has the value of playing like a jam, not as a professional studio session !! also we would never reach a professional level and would require hours and hours of rehearsal, but we had fun !!! Luis, if he makes those tracks almost in one session, he has absolute hearing! and a creativity that I have seen with my own eyes playing live absolutely prodigious !!!! +1
October 16 2020 23:55:08
PJE This is a cool and correct summary Mario, Luis is incredible and has given us wonderful musical fun adventures, but you and I too have shared so many cool tracks since the start of my time here, I feel we are connected as musical brothers:W +2
October 16 2020 23:57:53
GlezBass definitely!! I have the same feeling, I am always attentive to your tracks, you are very creative on drums and that is "musical oil" for a bass player. I've heard beat changes on some of your master tracks !!! +2
October 17 2020 00:00:36
PJE I Look forward to many more cool songs together Mario +1
October 17 2020 00:01:31
GlezBass :W +1
Cool and coo again+1
October 17 2020 00:49:43
GlezBass thanks so much Ivan!! +0
Que belleza Mario! Me encanta como se ha unido todo en esta pista. Excelente.

What a beauty Mario! I love how everything has come together on this track. Excellent.
October 17 2020 08:54:35
GlezBass Costo lo suyo pero bueno sale algo que podemos disfrutar a los amantes de estos generos! Ya sabes que Luis es un crack, Peter ha bordado la bateria y yo hice lo que pude!! ja ja

Cost yours but hey comes something that we can enjoy lovers of these genres! You already know that Luis is a crack, Peter has embroidered the drums and I did what I could! haha
Wow !! beautiful addition Mario great job:W+1
October 17 2020 09:17:39
GlezBass Thanks so much Jhon!!:) 😂 +1
This, like peter's add are excellent attempts to play along with a track that wasn't intended for anyone to play on.+1
October 17 2020 14:55:31
GlezBass You may be right! but we have fun Peter and I playing here !! We could never play with a musician of this caliber in the real life, and here we can !!! :o +1
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