Afraid to let you know / Wish you were here

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Okay I've played on both songs various times but woke up this morning (no - not the beginning of a Blues song!!!) heard this and did a one-take "Ian in performance mode" solo - these are actually quite rare even given that they sound pretty much the same as my other solos, albeit more intrusive on the vocals, since they involve me wearing Sunglasses trying to look cool while I jump about my living-room with 5 meters of headphone cable ...


This one is so great‼️‼️ Love it‼️ Fine work from all of you! ‼️👍👍+1
wow Babba sooo cool!+1
March 31 2015 22:57:25
Babbazitt Danke!! here's the video:
Very nice Ian! :D+1
Ian - you are EVERYwhere! good job, my ubiquitous brother. 8)+1
Nice template... ;-)+1
francisco al
Lenny Cowler
Super song. I like it:) Nice add Ian. :)+1
Nice ballad...+1

I remember the first time I saw you
and how I felt way back then
all these years of wanting to hold you
but I've never been more than a friend

Sometimes you drive me crazy
and I fear my feelings will show
I want to be with you all of the time
but I'm afraid to let you know

so my heart keeps breakin
and I don't know what to do
it's not hard to figure out
why I'm so in love with you

every second of every day
you're all my eyes long to see'
and after all of these years
you're still my fantasy

so my heart keeps breakin
I don't know what else to do
it's not hard to figure out
why I'm so in love with you

(© Cody Tripp 2014)

I've never seen you be gone this long
you've always come home
seems to me if you care at all
you'd pick up that phone

I wish you were here
I'd right what was wrong
I wish you were here
I'd love you all nite long

Never thought that you'd run around
you told me you were true blue
seems to me we're on shaky ground
is what they're saying true

I guess I've always known down deep inside
I'd end up alone
seems to me if you cared at all
you'd pick up that damned phone

I wish you were here
I'd right all your wrongs
I wish you were here
I'd love you all nite long

I wish you were here
I wish you were here
wish you were here

(© SISTERS/Anne Cozean 2013)

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