Jupiter's Alien Frequencies

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What a great track. To be honest, I could've completed this track by recording about 6 or 7 bars and then cutting and pasting. But that's no fun. This was very much an exercise, for me, in low-tempo control and discipline. There's only three drum patterns in the whole piece and I don't start until 3.15 in. They were designed to be gentle parts with a big sound. I'm playing trad grip to get the snare rolls and, at this tempo, ...


:D<3woooow!!!..B)....where to start...I read all the very beautiful and exciting technical description before listening to the song with my heart in my throat, a good Martin work on bass time and discipline and I am flattered you used one of my templates that , think, I didn't even want to publish, after a long time that I listen to you and appreciate the technique and the cleanliness of your tracks, I am really very happy with this beautiful work, thank you....:D<3:W+1
November 03 2020 19:20:50
mpointon Thank you very much for your kind words, Jean Paul. It's a beautiful track - I love this sort of music and I love the challenge of trying to come up with drums that work for it.

The fact it gave me a good workout in low-tempo and discipline is a positive side-effect.

Thank you.
Mika Tohve
Very cool i've been working on this myself the past two weeks. Sounds Epic! :Y+1
Love this - a trip for the soul! Well done Martin!+1
What a wonderful fit. This track has so much presence that you knew best in how to deliver minimal rhythms that work just right.+1
Love this style of drums - just the kind I like. People underestimate how difficult it is to do slow tempos - there is far less room for mistakes and far more need for tight timing. You do an impeccable job.+1
November 08 2020 01:19:03
mpointon I’m glad you like it Dan. It’s very simple, nothing clever, but very challenging to play well. It is always the case that playing less is harder in my opinion. +0
Killer. What a great soundscape from you both.+1
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