krone der schöpfung

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[img][/img] A huge thank you to the incomparable Tom for this wonderful template, it was a great pleasure for me ;o) This song is now the twelfth track in my little Sapiens series, two more songs and the Sapiens project that I've been working on since Easter is over. All of this is only possible through Wikiloops, a thousand thanks to the great community and especially to Dick who keeps the shop going with incredible commitment;o) A special thank you to AKchen ...
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Funk, Pop, deutsch, #Sapiens


Hallo Uli, der Song is crazy und klasse, der Text mal wieder genial :) *kiss+3
November 11 2020 09:05:39
Uloisius Ganz lieben Dank Andrea (auch für das Mischen der Vocals ;o) +1
klasse gemacht Uli...Text und Melodie super<3:W+1
November 11 2020 09:36:30
Uloisius Ganz lieben Dank peatric, freut mich sehr das es dir gefallen hat ;o) +1
Fantastisch Uli !! Great words and singing!!
Ich mag den Kontrast zwischen Text und Musik, Klasse :) :W
November 11 2020 09:27:51
Uloisius Herzlichen Dank franky, freut mich sehr das es dir gefällt ;o) Bin froh das ich nach dem ganzen Umzugsgedöns wieder die Kurve bekommen habe. Ich hatte Anfang Juli gerade so einen tollen Lauf als das alles mit der neuen Wohnung losging und konnte erst Mitte Oktober mit "error" wieder anknüpfen. Jetzt noch zwei Songs und dann habe ich das Sapiens-Projekt tatsächlich im Kasten ;o) Auf jeden Fall möchte ich das Projekt noch in diesem Jahr abschliessen (so ist zumindest der Plan ;o) +1
November 11 2020 09:32:07
frankyguitar Schön das Ihr den Stress hinter Euch gebracht habt. Na da bin ich ja schon gespannt, freue mich drauf :)
PS Liebe Grüße an Andrea :)
November 11 2020 09:37:28
Uloisius Werde ich ausrichten ;o) +1
this is a cool combination Tom and Ulo, and the lyrics says so much too :) thumbs from me :)+1
November 11 2020 09:28:37
Uloisius Thank you very much Shi ;o) +1
wunderschönen Text und schöne Vocal.
Ganz einfach #Sapiens
November 11 2020 09:29:26
Uloisius Ganz lieben Dank für den tollen Kommentar Erwan. Freut mich sehr das es die gefallen hat ;o) +1
So good to be hearing from you again. Once again your poetry strikes a true chord. Yea, it's more than OK to be just another animal living in balance on the earth. Too bad that's not what's happening!+1
November 11 2020 09:35:54
Uloisius Good morning Wade, I am very happy to hear from you. I now had a longer break because Andrea and I have moved to another place. I'm still working on my Sapiens project (this is the twelfth of fourteen songs), so I'm getting to the end. Yes, to raise oneself above all other forms of life, to suppress, abuse and exterminate them in order to then call oneself the "crown of creation" has a special quality (in the negative sense). I would say speciesism in its purest form. Where else can you find something like this apart from us humans? +1
November 11 2020 10:08:44
Wade I'm really surprised that "modern" people still don't get this when people who lived in more primitive societies did. Maybe humans felt the need to think of themselves as better as a species? Is that the price paid for "progress"? Hopefully we can renounce these nastier sides of ourselves...certainly no need to prove we can kill everything...that's obvious! Does that makes us better, or just stupid? Yea, stupid! +2
November 12 2020 20:56:45
Uloisius The quote comes to mind again: Do what you can, where you are, with what you have "( #153519 , a little self-promotion at this point you will hopefully forgive me ;o). If we all do it in our personal environment begin to treat creation including our fellow creatures with respect and then in the end we have saved the world. We have the way to set a good example. When society turns to a state in which humanity, the planet and everything he created protects succeed, yes then we can call and crown of creation ;o) +0
November 12 2020 22:03:12
AKchen then I ask myself, why feeling more important the more you´re innerly away from nature ... it´s a bit unlogic ;) +0
November 12 2020 22:03:35
Wade Yes, I remember #153519. I do what I can here, but am still surrounded by practices that are very destructive. It's disheartening. +0
November 12 2020 22:10:13
AKchen maybe you feel the urgency for a very fast change, but the change is very slow on that moment ... patience is a friend of hope <3

sorry for the step into your exchange ;)
November 13 2020 02:09:29
Wade No problem dear AKchen. I'm elderly, so patience just means it won't happen in my lifetime...if ever. Disheartening. :| +1
November 13 2020 07:56:12
AKchen you did so much, your mind is brilliant ..
we all need to lean back and watch tender, like the moon ;)

November 13 2020 20:53:19
Uloisius Dear Wade, If time should remain human beings, this process will take generations, if at all. We can only hope that, if possible, we will be able to experience a hope-making awakening of humanity. And as I said, we still have the opportunity to set a good example to others so that we can gradually turn things around for good ;o) +2
November 14 2020 02:24:31
Wade I've been concerned about overpopulation since about 1970, and had a vasectomy that year. I became an organic grower in 1972 and worked to supply fresh vegetables and fruit, but certainly did not make more than the supermarkets did. People just didn't want to pay for the extra work, or care about sustainability issues. That was in the USA. It took a few more years for me to finally decide that I did not belong in the USA so went to Australia and New Zealand in 1980 and worked in advising people how to grow fruit trees. Later I advised people about growing forests. I still grow organic fruits and vegetable and still have difficulty in selling these for enough to justify the time...and I'm getting kind of old. A half century of my life has been spent in these pursuits.

There is more "awareness", but I don't really see much action that will change the ever faster pace of consumption, population growth, resource depletion, and species extinction. I would love to say there's an increase of signs of change, but that's not reality, there's just an increase of talk, without change.

I tried to be an example, have taught, written, and hosted thousands of growers and dealt with markets in the USA, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand. For a while I advised Greenpeace in their campaigns regarding forestry and have worked on government committees.

It's been a life of challenges and doing my best to help heal the earth and influence positive change. It's also been a failure. The situation is much worse today than in the 1970s when I started this journey.

I would probably do the same thing if able to do it all over again, so have no regrets... just sadness as the human condition seems 180 degrees out of phase from the reality of being just another animal on this little ball whirling through space.
November 14 2020 20:22:03
Uloisius That you have been doing organic farming for 50 years and that in different countries I didn't know yet. I take off my hat to you and bow deeply.

My wife AKchen and I try to do what we can. We buy as much organic as we can, take part in a fair divider project for food that serves to protect food from being thrown away and we are 100% vegan. Furthermore, we try to dress sustainably and to make body care as sustainable and vegan as we can.

Here in Germany, I would say that environmental awareness and the idea of ​​sustainability are in vogue, I would say, of course, not nearly as much as I would like, but at least noticeable ;o)

In my lyrics and songs I try to work on this topic again and again, of course just for myself because I don't appear on any stage and my musical thoughts rarely spill over the edge of the box of wikiloops and then usually not very far
My Sapiens project, in which this thought also plays a big role, is about to be completed and it would be a huge pleasure to welcome you and your magical saxophone on the album, would be an honor. Maybe you can find a place somewhere in the two songs that are yet to come or in one of the twelve existing songs, I think it would be totally great ;o)

I think it's nice at the end of your post where you write that, despite all the disappointments and setbacks, you would probably do everything again. That sounds very conciliatory and gives the impression that you are at peace with yourself and it serves as an example for me that it is worth staying with yourself and your convictions and living for your ideals, thank you very much for that ;o)
November 14 2020 21:22:44
Wade All we have in life is time. It comes down to making choices about how we spend that time. Who and what we are and what matters, has got to be consistent. It's just a shame that all those enormous efforts have had so little impact.

Hopefully the attitude of Germany will become an example. It certainly isn't working for most of the world. It's especially sad in Australia and New Zealand which aren't overpopulated (yet) can feed themselves, and still have vast areas of land not yet destroyed. You would think this a good starting point, but the people and governments can only see natural resources as something to "develop" and destroy in order to make $$ for today and refuse to acknowledge the legacy of today's actions towards the future it creates. Very sad.

I'd be very honored to add some sax parts. I'm not sure if I can tell which tracks are part of the proposed album, or that any of them would be made better by my adding something (objectively). Please give me a list of the numbers of the tracks and I can download those. If you can give me a deadline for adds that will also help as I'm otherwise very slow. I won't post any of them back here, but just send them to you to include (or not) as creative director of the project.
November 15 2020 11:01:37
Uloisius I don't think we should raise our personal expectations too high. With almost 8 billion people here on the planet, we are all, you, me, each just a zero in the crowd. Nevertheless, I think that everything you do has an effect. I always remember the saying about the butterfly at the other end of the world, which favors a storm by fluttering at the other end of the world.
We are only butterflies Waade and all we can do is flap our wings vigorously, the effect will certainly only show up with a delay and at a point where we might never have expected it, but I'm sure it will have an effect give.

In any case, the world will have to learn and the situation in Germany is only slightly different than in large parts of the rest of the world. Here, too, the majority still fervently refuses that what we do today or negligently neglect represents the legacy that we will pass on to the following generations.

As for the Sapiens project, here is a list of the songs in the respective versions as they are currently planned for the album:

1. jäger & sammler (hunter & gatherer) #188124
2. ackerbau & viehzucht (agriculture & livestock) #188294
3. städte & staaten (cities & states) #188847
4. religion und andere mythen (religion and other myths) #190068
5. lesen & schreiben (read & write) #190316
6. wissenschaft (science) #191060
7. kapital (capital) #191991
8. industrielle revolution (Industrial revolution) #192812
9. umweltkatastrophe (environmental disaster) #193673
10. zu viel (too much) #194039
11. error #201761
12. krone der schöpfung (crown of creation) #202825

As usual, you can find the lyrics and the corresponding translation for every song ;o)

As far as the available time window is concerned, I hope that I want to release the album by Christmas at the latest, in any case this year. So easily another four weeks ;o)

To be honest, I would think it would be nice if you would add directly here on Wikiloops (it will only be a Wikiloops album anyway), then you would also be shown on the right with the fellow musicians, I would be very happy about that ;o)
November 15 2020 19:55:29
Wade All downloaded. Thanks! +1
Wundervoll Uli :) Gut Dich mal wieder zu hören :) Und mich brauchst Du hier nicht - ein Bass ist schon drin :)+1
November 11 2020 11:11:28
Uloisius Vielen lieben Dank Wolfgang ;o) +1
wow thats a awesome vocal and text Uli.;)+1
November 12 2020 07:23:15
Uloisius Thank you very much my friend ;o) +1
HAMMER !!! Your vocals are so beyond elite. Thanks a million Uli+1
November 13 2020 20:56:13
Uloisius Thank you very much, Tom, your template is great ;o) +1
Yes, Yes!!!!! Excellent singing my friend!!!!+1
November 13 2020 20:57:03
Uloisius Thank you very much, Ito, I am very happy that you like it ;o) +0

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