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Song and guitar playing is beautiful
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Jazz, bossa, ballad


Very nice melodic ideas! You'd be surprise how even more beautiful this could be when mixed with tasty effects to smooth it out a little. You have good feeling.+1
Got that James Taylor feel to this one well played from both+1
wow :) :) :)+1
July 28 2015 14:17:37
Itocpogo Thank You very much! +0
Great melodic feeling!;)+0
nice lines :) thats some crispy sax ;)+0
wow, respect, that really fits robs beautiful tune!+0
July 05 2014 03:55:44
ROBJOL Thanks for the compliment Dick. This sax player is really good. +0
Very fine play. A lot of experience in that saxophone. Thanks a lot!+0
Very beautiful track....+0
tasty runs Itocpogo. Beautiful playing Robjol.+0
Thank You all for the kind words I am in awe of the creativity and musicianship of all of you. I am blown away especially by Frankiejazz and ROBJOL's compositions and guitar playing and by Lutz's sax work which is always tasteful and interesting. This web site is a gift from the gods. I get lost in a musical paradise.+0
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