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Looking at you gave me brand new eyes, now all I see is cloudless skies. You taught me how in so many ways to live my life in a sunny daze, and I don’t know if I told you before, but it’s everything and so much more. When you smile at me it’s like Heaven sent you down , down to me. Looking at you gave me a brand new heart, before you loved me I was falling apart. You ...
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so groovy !+5
sitting on the beach,drink in hand,wife on his lap and listen and listen,comfort, relax :)+2
Beautiful Voices and great band.+2
It´s different to your other tracks and I like this style too! :)+2
July 06 2014 19:53:39
Shi thankyou Gno +0
Hey... that sounds real good! The Corrs! Or maybe Sheryl Crow?... oh... it´s Shi! Who needs someone else? ;)
thats great Schnuggelsche! :)
nice song ! has the happy factor :) ... probably great to play on a beach ;)+2
thanks to Frankie, Dan and Belzebass for a fab track. Hope you like :)+1
Wonderful ;-)+1
Very nice :)+1
I like!:)My M8's Like!:) man you sound like The cool Shi!:)+1
July 05 2014 22:00:41
Shi that's so sweet inci :) +1
July 05 2014 22:05:03
incivanpico Hey!:) tis So!;) +0

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