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Well you think it’s alright to stay out all night, don’t tell her that you’re ok. The girl is waiting but you’re creating another alibi. Oh don’t you know she’s heard it all before. It’s so much harder now to ignore. Ooh .You think it’s better, you’ll call her later, but no, you can’t find the time. The dinner’s burning , no calls returned and no signal on the line. Oh don’t you know she’s been here many times, and all that she needs is some peace of mind. All that you do is making her crazy, oh don’t push. No no no Don’t push too far, before you know where you are. It’s all going to come tumbling down. Don’t be surprised if she decides, she doesn’t want to be around. No no no.no no no. you know she’s heard it all before, no no no no no, Oh Don’t push.
(Shi 2014)


May 22 2015 09:39:19
pklieschpkliesch Supergreat funky song and perfect vocals :)
+1 May 22 2015 20:03:31 pklieschShi
thank you very much Pat for the kind compliment :)
May 20 2015 20:51:42
Pete-SilencePete-Silence unbelievable...what happened to wikiloops ? this track makes my day
+1 May 20 2015 20:53:36 Pete-SilenceShi
thanks for dropping by for a listen Pete, much appreciated :)
August 19 2014 18:31:31
BassCookBassCook Cool :)

July 15 2014 08:46:37
TheoRamosTheoRamos Great jam for you all! :)

July 09 2014 20:47:20
ShiShi thanks everyone :)

July 09 2014 02:58:33
francisco alfrancisco al lindo vocal

July 09 2014 00:09:09
WadeWade Toes tapping, brain working, full, fine and kicking ass.

July 08 2014 18:32:05
alexjalexj sublime as always!!

July 08 2014 17:51:41
Rod_StevensRod_Stevens :)

July 08 2014 10:28:07
hurzelhurzel nice :)

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