City of Gods

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First mix Rap style (Feat Az free) Empty rooms to add leads
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Rap, Hip hop


Fantastic Mix. I like it Cassius. Great job :Y<3:Y:W+2
December 15 2020 09:23:31
Cassius First try :D:) +1
This is a great pro sounding track.+2
December 15 2020 09:23:15
Cassius Thanks my friend :) +1
Very tasty mix, Cassius+2
December 15 2020 09:11:04
Cassius Thanks Ivan. Missing lead :D +1
bravo chris ça colle nicquel!!!:W:Y+2
December 15 2020 14:30:02
Cassius Du Rap :o qui l'eu cru ? :| +1
lol Cassius Quincy Jaune :)
je pense que l'instru est terrible et du coup le flow est nickel

je me suis même pris des postillons :)
December 15 2020 17:27:05
Cassius Ouais, il fallait vraiment que l'instru soit top pour que j'y vois la possibilité d'un rap. C'est pas trop mon truc d'habitude. Le beat était un poil plus lent. j'ai du retravailler le flow avec reaper. Je l'ai coupé à deux endroits pour laisser de la place aux copains :)
Fais toi plaisir :W:D
Yessir...Beautiful and Super Cool Chris<3:W :othis is fantastic merci mon ami:D Ive never really got Rap before thank you for educating/showing me.....
Do you know what are the lyrics??
December 15 2020 17:32:44
Cassius I learn with you too :D
Thank you for listening and glad you like it :)
Dont let it ride out
Thats what the world been missing right here
Best kept secret


We all evolve from the city of gods, we all evolve from the city of gods
We all evolve from the city of gods, stuffin odd just gimme the nod


Get doe, get low, live life, get nice, rock ice, buy cars, buy bikes
Take trips, live rich, eat good, get dips, stay hood, stack chips thats sick.

Verse 1 Az:

Sex, car clothes money and murda some souljahs to serva
Hood hoppin hopin to murdas of rakim
My own pops got me open on burnas no watchin
Had a heart problem coping with murda that doctrines
No cocrine witnesses niggas whose whaptin
Way when rakim was knockin
Streets was what it was when thugs was thugsing
Gun wars galore going slug for sluggin
Jews, drugs and all niggas love is love
With the crew wall to wall i'll be bugged to bust
So beef war its way to deep to sleep
Niggas keep up coz certified killers creep
Stole his lady, i drove him crazy
You ask me why? coz tha man tried to play me
So be low quickly and you betta hit me
While i'm letting this pretty chick get with me
Steppin with 007 betta make it snapping
No time to do your hair baby, bruvas are busting at me
Blunts and bottles pass but non on target
They want their god hit, but watch how log it
Low as saddam an his pawn so unharmed im unarmed no im calm i can yawn sing a song
Im tha don king of dons king kong can bring it on
Word is bomb.


Get doe, get low, live life, get nice, rock ice, buy cars, buy bikes
Take trips, live rich, eat good, get dips, stay hood, stack chips thats sick.(2X)

Verse 2: AZ

A course to kid that cut dope an never got nauseous
Cook coke on the comeback and never took losses
The one rap got rich of lifes of this carves
That jigga shit now sick sitting with moses
Dead presidency represents that we are all is one
The call has come to god, streets disciple
Discreet but the beast is like you never off beats stay in heats of the rifle
Sniffle, no releigion no faceless with small incisions
No cases pending though i got dawgs in prisons
Reckless living though restless like the mets in the extra innings
Hope niggas respect my dealings, if not hope not in her
Catch no feelings when you start here with niggas left stressed in billings
Cold killings, old rillings now surf your scene and now your vicinity is in tha mean circulatin sin
Praiser unfold and untold like de la
No souls on strof on summer so stayed high
We conuseuir then rocked the sign of dijoirs so minor my persona was born
No flaws this federal fuckers this cell is tapped
No calls from the double doob in the hell and back
So know yalls coz i can never just sell you raps
This is my life laid on wax
Auteurs-compositeurs : Cruz Anthony S, Dean
Pour utilisation non commerciale uniquement.
December 15 2020 20:28:57
PJE Thanks so much Chris, incredible :W +1
Good and God! :W:Y+1
December 16 2020 00:02:33
Cassius Great track from the guys :W +1
Great Mix :W+1
December 16 2020 14:02:40
Cassius Great template first :D +1

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