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I have had a strong interest with the "Native Americans" that lived long ago in the area where I have lived my entire life. They were know as the "Erielhonan"...which means "Long Tail". They were a peaceful people who were removed from existence in the mid-17th century. Not by the white man but by the stronger tribes of the Iroquois Nation from the region. They spoke their own language which has mostly been lost. I have ...



che'estaheh anue
December 22 2020 14:40:58
Ezdrummer Thanks Ron. Your description is fascinating and I do not hide the fact that I, who live in a big city, wish I could have that experience. Great add my friend, keep it up <3<3<3 +1
December 22 2020 14:43:08
mortheol Thank you EZ..fantastic music from you and Dirk:W<3
I am truly blessed to have my place in life and try to never overlook this;)
December 22 2020 23:29:18
DirkL Incredible. You actually took this Pic? +1
December 22 2020 23:39:10
mortheol Trail cam +1
December 22 2020 23:56:04
DirkL What else have you captured +1
December 23 2020 00:07:05
mortheol [img][/img] +0
December 23 2020 00:07:21
mortheol I think its Bigfoot +2
December 23 2020 00:08:31
DirkL Lolol you got me +1
Love it Ron!! Thank you very much for sharing, the music as well the information about this Native People. I’ve never heard before. And as you know, I’m interested in many things :) <3+1
December 22 2020 14:40:07
mortheol Thank you Frank.
Every since I was a child I have always studied the "Native Americans" who lived here long before us. Their history and their past is a sad one.
The year is slowly coming to an end and I would like to briefly contact you in this "crazy year" .........

Christmas 2020:

We send you / you
Merry christmas
a merry Christmas
and relaxing holidays.

For next year 2021 we wish you a warm heart, light, and a big helping of health.

Best regards charli56<3;)
December 22 2020 16:08:50
mortheol Thank you very much Charli!!!!:)
I also wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year<3;)
love it and open as your guitar takes breaths of enlightenment <3+1
December 22 2020 21:09:13
mortheol Thanks Roots:W
I always love hearing what other players do on the same templates. Very cool to hear how things can fit together so differently;) Also a good way to discover new members here. :) Sometimes we just stay in our groups.
You got the feeling and atmospherics into this perfectly Ron, wonderful to be so close to the reality of life as it really should be:W:)+1
December 22 2020 21:07:08
mortheol Peter thank you for the kinds words. Was doing some reading and this just seemed to fit:W +1
Wow. Blown away Ron. Using music for history lessons is a big favorite thing of mine. I'm fascinated by the provided information, and the subject. Of note is how the Iroquois were responsible for wiping out countless numbers of Native Americans themselves. The narrative that the native Americans were all linked at the arms, singing songs together until they were wiped out by evil white man is total BS. It was a savage world at that time still, and might was right. Ask the Iroquois, right?

Great jam, it feels like the subject matter, you're skilled at putting emotion onto the strings. Not easy to do my friend.
December 22 2020 21:05:39
mortheol You are most welcome my friend for the music and the history lesson. Your track was the inspiration for this.
You are correct about the Native Americans..they waged massive wars against each other:(
The Erielhonan were a peaceful tribe...they were basically the farmers of the day. They didn't stand much of a chance.
December 22 2020 21:13:18
mortheol I do have another version of this that I's totally is called "Fried Liver and Onions":o
I know that is your favorite food:P
Super duper<3+1
December 22 2020 21:45:53
mortheol Are you sure...?:P
Thanks Dave;)
Great add Ron-terrific track.:W
We also have black bears up here. As a matter of fact, the University of Maine has them as their mascot and name of the sports teams. Also, they come onto our property also-magnificent animals.:)
Thanks for background for this track-I am going to read the tribe's history. Thanks my friend<3
December 23 2020 01:28:14
mortheol Thank Keith..I thought you might like the read;) The black bear here are really docile. You would have to go and hit one of their cubs to get them mad enough at you. Usually they see you and take off running in the other direction. I like watching them:) +0

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