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Pop Rock, Rock Ballad


HUGE thank you to Shi for the awesome vox/lyrics. Also a big thanks to Oliv who helped with mixing advice along the way :)+1
is this cool or what ? Nice work Dan and a cool mix too ! :)+1
July 13 2014 20:28:32
Danalyze45 Quite happy with this...maybe the best thing I have worked on her on WL ? I think so :) Thanks for your voice, words and trust...It is the first mix I've done with real vocals involved :) +1
July 13 2014 20:36:07
Shi my thanks to you and frankie for a cool track too :) +0
Really great!+1
July 13 2014 21:08:20
Danalyze45 Thanks Frankie...and thanks for the drums :) +1
super tune well done+1
Nice Dan! :)+1
This is COOL as it gets !+1
Great song, great mix.+1
cool lead guitar ! Shi's lead voc could use a small boost here ... maybe a couple db ? and she also sounds a touch too dry ? tiny bit more rev would be nice ;) ... very cool song all together !+1
July 14 2014 05:08:21
Danalyze45 I definitely had everything to the edge and she would clip in two spots if I brought her up....I should have automated those (lower) and left the boost all across :) I'm learning (I think ) :):) Thanks for your help through this Oliv. +1
July 14 2014 08:50:30
OliVBee the way i see it is this : instead of boosting Shi lower everything else and in the end add to the make up of a limiter on the main out which will have your output lvl right ;)... and that's why we all should record at -10db average (roughly) hehe +0
Sounds lovely, very cool mix !!+1
Great work, sounds great and fantastic playing and singing... Another great one... Nice work everyone+1
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