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Great stuff guys, this one is slinky smooth!
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bayou jazz, lounge


Great playing Joe you pick some really amazing tracks to join and enhance my friend:W:)+3
January 18 2021 22:48:49
JoeOnBass I am grateful for the opportunity to do this. You're all very creative, it makes me a better thinker and player. <3 +2
A great track to join in on, and you've done it well.+2
January 19 2021 00:28:35
JoeOnBass Thank you Wade. By the way, Sweet Vaccine Dreams is incredible! So smooth, I was waiting for Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra to walk in and swoon a lady off her feet. +1
January 19 2021 10:20:50
Wade Thanks Joe, very kind of you! +1
Oh Very Fantastic Sound. I love it. Wonderful your Bass JoeOnBass :Y<3<3;)+2
Nicely done Joe:W
As you say.."Slinky Smooth":D
Love your playing on this..the bass is like a spaghetti noodle weaving seamlessly through the song. you finished this on off perfectly.;)
January 18 2021 16:21:32
JoeOnBass This track is amazing, your motif is really incredible. It reminded me of Robbie Robertson's "Somewhere Down The Crazy River," it's an absolute<3:Y keeper to me! I hope to discover more of your works to play with. +1
January 18 2021 16:27:36
mortheol Thanks Joe...I dont know this track by Robbie Roberson, I will listen now.;)
I was a big fan of "The Band":W
I actually just saw Robbie Robertson on the Big Interview with Dan Rather, very cool show. Robbie Robertson is a really cool guy. My music here on WL is all over the map...hopefully you can find more stuff that clicks with ya'.
nice add Joe, thank you for taking the trip through the wormhole with me :D+1
January 18 2021 17:35:54
JoeOnBass Oh Nick, I want to do more tracks like this. Frank Zappa would stand up and applause! This is absolutely AWESOME ... dare I say, GENIUS!!! :);) +1
January 18 2021 21:39:44
rootshell i got to listen to this some more in the car when i was out and about (my earbuds didn't do this justice), super bass job joe, totally love it man! :o :D +1
January 18 2021 22:50:41
JoeOnBass I have been hearing it through the iMac today, but at home it's through KRK Rokit 5 speakers, which really amplify the bass. I am hoping the swirly slide at the first mention of spaghetti is clearly audible. :-) I absolutely love this song! +2
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