Faux Jazz no.1

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I don't really have an analysis of this - just nonsense. Was up over 24 hrs when I made about a dozen of these. Recorded this one with the flamenco guitar. Need new strings - these about 5 years old, but better than my electrics, which have not been changed in over a decade. :)
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Jazz guitar


cool stuff m8!:)+4
You great! :)+1
beautiful 'nonsense' thumbs up+1
super Midoru!Beautifully listening to:)+1
call it super faux spanish JAzz ;) its wonderful, love your emotional playing+1
Superb, thank you for sharing !! ;)
On to my playlist...
the strings care has really to be part of your routine !! and i can hear that this makes sense globally !! well played and recorded :)+1
Nice! I opened my eyes and realized I played it twice :)+1
July 15 2014 19:32:54
Midoru Think I was just dreaming when I made it - had been up so long. +1
how lovely Midoru....:)+1
That's the heart of music, if you do think nothing and it comes out like this. Very fine!+1

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