dreamdancer (loop) + guitar

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Thanks! I really love piano of some reason? No but it`s tasteful to play along with. I don`t know a shit about classic music but I like it! A short loop can make a good song, it could have been shorter because it was a little bit of tricky to listen in some parts:)


Sounds VERY nice & quite inviting to be honest… ;)+3
i love it <3 thank you !+2
July 16 2014 14:45:27
Lena Selan
akethesnaker Thank`s Lena! So glaad that you liked it:) I`m always kind of worried:D It wasn`t perfect and I needed to cut some parts but that it how it is if you gonna do a fast add. Have a nice day and congrats to you, World Champions as you are! +1
perfect, you always give what is necessary:)+2
July 16 2014 18:54:39
Lenny Cowler
akethesnaker I hope the horses do the same! Gonna watch some horse races, harness,, horses with a wagoon behind them and I betted some money he he +3
Soooo nice!!!!:)+2
Very nice+2
sehr schön!+1
So very super nice, Ake!+0
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