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Well since you left me I’ve been doing ok and wouldn’t you like to know, and since you’re gone I’m finding so many ways and wouldn’t you like to know. I can drink my coffee in bed and take my time, real slow. Did you ever listen to what I said, wouldn’t you like to know. So on a Friday I can stay out late and it doesn’t matter at all. Don’t have to have a heated debate and be ...
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Awesome sister+3
cool song ! feels like back in the 70s :D+2
July 17 2014 22:53:50
Danalyze45 memories of Fleetwood Mac perhaps? +5
cool....awesome all together :)+2
my thanks to Mr Adam and Dan for a cool song and also thanks to Dan for the mix :)+1
:)Great song / vox Shi :)+1
Lovely song, congratulations to all, sounds wonderful..+1
Love that feeling+1
Nice! :)+1
bem legal. bom+1

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