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I have already expressed it. Grandiose. ... and more than that. Actually, the piece needs a sequencer as bass. Contain myself unfortunately too little chips for something like that and then still love the somewhat raw rock music.How should this go well? ... and then I allowed myself to steal some low frequencies from the guitar. I hope ... oh, the beeper goes.... sorry... my new mission..


nice add, anrak.:W and good timing, too, i am already rehearsing a song for it.+1
February 01 2021 13:24:55
Anrak Thank you Flavien! Glad to hear from you! The first part of the track has an infectious flow through the drums. The bass only needs 3 notes (stolen from Rootshell:D:D). Find that the flow is carried quite well by the bass.:):) I'm curious how your voice will fit in (if you really plan to do so). +1
nice add Anrak, that growl tone of yours goes really well :W i like the slide up to the octave during that first dirty part, gives this "sound the alarm" feel :) <3+1
February 01 2021 20:00:34
Anrak Thanks a lot. I'm very happy that you like it.:):) It's really handy to play the tracks as a loop and try different things. At some point it will fit.:D:D +1
The tone is deep and appealing. I like the sound, is there an effect on it? <3+1
February 04 2021 08:24:38
Anrak Hi Joe, I must confess that I use a Kemper amp.:o:o And honestly, I like the originals much better. I still dream of a good old Ampeg.:):) A Mesa in addition wouldn't be bad either. But I don't have the space and the floorboards of our house wouldn't support the weight. That's what made me switch to a "retort-produc" 3 years ago. So now it's out.

The simulation imitates a Hiwatt 200 with 2x15". I did not use any effect for the recording. But I have edited the soundtrack with plugins (Compressor, EQ, Wider). Because there was more pressure I added "width" to the bass. The used plugin is free and available at : . You can also exaggerate with it. But used sparingly, you can pimp the sound well.
February 04 2021 16:25:56
JoeOnBass I have to state, it is very appealing to sound wide, like older analog sounds. I have reviewed some amp modelers, I was going to purchase an older POD unit to sound like an 800RB amplifier, I play through an 800RB, but I cannot wire it into the computer for recording. In the end, I make minor adjustments to tone on my inexpensive pre-amp and the sound changes depending on what bass guitar I record with. I don't think I can produce such a deep sound as you made without post effects, however, when you did it, it made a wonderful audio display. Thank you for all of the details, and cheers from the US. +1
February 04 2021 16:55:51
Anrak But there is also the possibility to adjust the sound via EQ in the post-processing. The TDR nova ( really does an amazing job. And the best thing is that it is also free. I take away a single narrow frequency width in the range of 500 to 1500 Hz from the bass tone. I scan the range until it fits perfectly.:):) +1

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