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Added drums to these riffs. Reference to #209515. Thanks all for making this happen.


Very cool that you could actually do this one...not easy Mika:W:W:o+2
February 07 2021 10:45:16
Mikebanez oh come on you knew:D and so can you:W give it a go. weird changes for sure .if Neil Peart can do it 2112 straight through. So can you, even I who sucks and cant read or play but would be willing with the carazy changes. I would rather have the pros go firsrt so i can learn. I have indulge a bit this night with family whom I have not seen in 8 months because uv Covid life .I am rambling must be the coke,i mean pepsy i induldged, and happy:D🤣😁 in;dont hate me . I am just have ing fun with my brother whom I never see., AND SHARING wikiloops with my brother he thinks its cool though he cannot whistle he apreciate the creativity this site gives. your drums will be awesome I now yu'll kick butt,,,,,Chinese confuciusse people of no specific gender , creed or fath say,Timing is everything. you run out of time song is done. i made thaT UP Ok see how i coverd my ass politicallyly . to be drunk on WikiL is not all that fun a lone but pre. Don't want to get band Like Twatter did to DJT.. Wikiloops is cool, thay don't care As long it is in the legal means. oh where did I go i need more food clear my head. serously i am making a joke oh this . i am pretty much sobering up and didnt want too . so oh weell you got my conversations to my self with you whether you wanted to or not. still need your drum add. really having fun here chatting to m y self i need too eat lost train of thought stomache talking . now is this meseage gonna be pretty long . maybe wasting moments of time but i have nothing else to do at this time of night. typing for no reason ah kept me busy for a half hour. Bonne nuit frère . i realy speak Canadian french. and uderstand better than i can speak. thats a story for another day when you come to FL. we'll speak in french .i will try my best. ok im done why do i keep going on,, Dick is going to put a limit and charge $ for everya letter over 30 sentences. i had fun jabbering i hope a lot of peaple read this. good nite im done rock on on Loopers🤘🍺 i may regret this intamate letter to Peter in the Morning. ahh who cares😒Oh I got music in my soul and and a sinuse headache🤦‍♂️😒🤞wish me a good morning sleep.Wheww !!. plop plop fizz fizz song put me to sleep🤔:) +0
sounds like you had fun . thanks for jamming with our crazy riffs :W+1
:D:D Yeah!!!! fantastic Mika :W:W+1
This sounds very cool .. enjoyed it .. nice work Mika! :):)+1
February 07 2021 11:39:03
Mikebanez great job but i just may have to attempt it. of course not strait through, but yes with some editing cut and paste . i could but that would be cheating, well i have too . Im not as good as these professionals:P +1
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