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Sorry about being sloppy on this guys, I guess my head was somewhere else tonight, but what a great song to jam too! Maybe I can revisit later, thanks for the riffs and beats!! ~ Joe
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modern rock, prog, guitar


always enjoy your jams Joe :W nice playing and overall tone, that crisp sound at 1:39 and throughout that change is killer :W+3
February 11 2021 05:58:57
JoeOnBass Thanks Nick, I wasn't on my best game here but your parts are incredible, as always. I changed the battery in the bass (imagine I'm recording hot) and it seemed to bring things around ... but after I finished the track. +2
Well..that was a special treat!!!:W Joe..your bass playing on this was just "off the hook"..perfectly executed..just fantastic:D 2:56 that little run down..yes:o Man..If this is sloppy playing I wish I could play like that.
February 11 2021 20:11:16
JoeOnBass Thank you! I think what you did rhythmically was exquisite! I look forward to discovering more we can do together. :W<3 +1
February 12 2021 13:31:48
mortheol For sure Joe..I rotate around on instruments as I have time. Will be more drums and such:W +0
Bring it Joe.That's what i'm talkin' about mutha. Top shelf clean jam. Yeah the section at 1:39, when that change happens, that bass is perfect with the guitar riff. It has that killer digital sound perfect for Nick's digital rodeo.+1
February 11 2021 08:13:23
JoeOnBass Thank you Dirk. When i hit that part I realized it was low in volume and the battery was clearly on it's way out. I didn't want to try and find the groove twice so I went with it. What an aweseome groove Nick and Ron (Ron?) gave us to play with. thanks for keeping my ego inflated, hahaha. You're the best!:W +1
February 11 2021 08:30:36
DirkL Ho Ho, Maybe I'll change my battery after this chilling tale! +1
Hi Joe! Once again the usual suspects meet here. Of course, grandiose and extremely routinely played down. It's a pleasure to hear you perform and you can hear your love of playing. Monster!

February 14 2021 18:01:07
JoeOnBass That is the nicest thing I've heard ever! Thank you. It feels good when you have a community of talents that help bring out your creativity. If this was a Poison song I'd sound a lot different. :-) +1

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