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This reminds me of a night we kicked the crap out of Janitor Joe at CBGB's around 1991. Hilly would come in and just stand there staring at you. He didn't move, didn't tap his foot, he just got up from his chair, came around the curtain at the door, stood and stared at the stage. If he did that, it typically meant you'd be back another night soon. Hilly would have stared at this. We'd be back. Punk. It's what America ...
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Drive it in Joe! Killer forward motion.

So when I was young, there was concern among parents that bands like Iron Maiden and other hard rock/metal was dangerous. One day I had my Maiden tapes confiscated at home, and my Guns N' Roses cross symbol with the skulls ripped down from my bedroom wall. It was the great satanic metal purge of 1989. I just went to the store and bought the tapes again and hid them. I'm still not satanic.
February 17 2021 05:11:13
JoeOnBass Hahaha, for me, my mother thought Kiss was evil, hahaha, and Alice Cooper. +1
Yes great Rock Sound and your Bass add JoeOnBass. I like it :W<3:W+1
Nice brother !!:Y:D+1
February 17 2021 19:02:52
JoeOnBass Good old fashioned in your face style music. More More More!!! :Y<3:W +1
Lenny Cowler
really great ride:):W:W+1
February 18 2021 05:26:47
Lenny Cowler
JoeOnBass Lenny, you're just great! I'm always happy to find it's your drumming I'm playing to because I know it will fit me just right! Thank you for a really fun song. +0
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