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Ezio drums #182000 to extend this track longer. E G E / E E G/


:Y:Y fantastic Dirk :W:W+1
Good work Dirk. As usual :W:W+1
February 25 2021 23:34:14
DirkL Many thanks HH3! +0
Very coool Dirk !!
My vote is clear, YES :W
February 25 2021 23:33:46
DirkL No! Wait, I mean yes. :D +1
via wikiloops radio
Weird and wonderful :D+1
February 25 2021 23:33:19
DirkL Thank you TeeGee, I always appreciate your approval! +0
The wicked articulation that grows with that hidden beat as the verse goes on is AWESOME! 1:36 on, it becomes all Dirk! 2:22 - building suspense, and it suddenly becomes a second song in the same song. Massively awesome track brother, massively awesome!! Thank you for sharing this one. <3+1
February 25 2021 23:32:27
DirkL Joe many thanks for your support and feedback! It's awesome to get seemingly genuine reactions to my "music". I endeavor to return the generosity and actually listen to you and respond in kind. +1
February 26 2021 00:31:05
JoeOnBass I know you do brother, and I am all about supporting everyone I can. This website is great for encouraging and learning. Half the time I upload something I recorded 20 minutes after the first time I heard it and it's absolute garbage, but people still share genuine positivity about it, I am quite grateful for that. With that said, you've got solid low end and you fill it in where it belongs. That's GREAT! I spend so much time trying to emulate people I can never be and I wind up dropping out the bottom end sometimes. Hehe, Ill never change though, it's just fun. :-) +1
February 26 2021 01:40:12
DirkL Well Joe you're top notch. I know i'll be listening to your jams for years on here. Regarding emulation, if that means repeating familiar tones or styles for the fun of it, that's good, but if you go to bed thinking you're not solid enough because Steve Harris is better, there wouldn't be any point in anyone but Steve Harris playing bass. Maybe Lee Sklar, but that would be it. In other words we do it knowing we aren't the best around, just to get a sense of belonging with others who like our playing style. +0
February 26 2021 03:47:48
JoeOnBass HA! I'm in one of his middle finger books. Lee Sklar is a cool dude. Super talented, very liberal, great player. Yes, i wanna be more like that. :-) +1

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