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I made a loop on piano and added some cellos + some more things, if some want I can upload only the synth-line or cello-line. I think I`m gonna make more and more of this type of music. Open for all!


Sounds great & almost daring us to add to it ? ;)+2
July 25 2014 11:38:18
akethesnaker I`m amateur, I don`t care:) +1
That is realy epic!!+2
It's a very majestic track. It would be melody in the heart of the European. 's Great :)+1
July 25 2014 11:43:29
akethesnaker Thanks Keii! It took me 10 minutes to make it:D I must say Piano is a good thing just lay down some simple chords and play a little melody and add some VST-plugin effects:) +2
July 25 2014 11:51:22
Keiton I'm more surprising to hear it. Traditional music of Japan is nothing in my mind hahaha! :) +1
great song Ake:)+1
July 25 2014 11:59:30
Lenny Cowler
akethesnaker Thanks Lenny! I think I`m gonna be like Mozart, a svine:D +1
smashing a vodka enjoying the ambience of this fine aker snaker track!+1
nice1 Ake!:)+1
I suspect you're going to do some fancy g'tar over this with ur pink cap on? :) I have a midi keyboard coming soon. There's a few free Hammond VST's I wanna use. Standard PC keyboard gives me the willys ;)+1
July 25 2014 16:10:35
akethesnaker I can tell,,, the VST plugin for Mixcraft is SUPER! John Lord sound! Deep Purple... +0
great track Ake!!!+1
Nice sound there Ake!+1
so many genial ideas and tracks... have fear to adding my simple beginner knowledge and playing ;)+1
July 26 2014 05:19:24
akethesnaker Don`t feel that way! Just add if you feel! +0

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