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Love me some triplets. Too bad that drummer only did one track on the Loops. You killed it Peter. KILLED IT! Thanks for the track to jam on. ~ Joe
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iron maiden, metal


love it+1
March 04 2021 17:05:38
JoeOnBass Thank you Dash, it's metal country. :-) +0
That's some killer speedy galloping bass with an excellent tone!! Nice riffing too .. tight! :O Great song .. good to see you exploring Peter's work .. sounds fab Joe!! This one got my blood pumping!! :O:W+1
March 04 2021 17:04:59
JoeOnBass I've got a few of Peter's songs downloaded to play with, he speaks my language, lool. Very cool stuff. Thanks for the kind comments Ernie. +1
March 04 2021 17:06:29
Ernie440 This is wicked brah .. listening to it again right now! :W got my noggin bobbin :) I'm standing up doing air bass to this .. you're kickin this track's ass! :@ +2
March 04 2021 17:09:06
JoeOnBass I haven't listened since recording last night, Imma going to do the same. +1
March 04 2021 17:11:46
JoeOnBass So this one, I tried using a neck through Schecter with 2 huge 4-pole Humbuckers. It's got an 18volt pre-amp in it and on stage, it's a beast. In the little home studio, it's Godzilla walking through a village, my speakers were farting out. I think it's audible on the recording. I'll have to go back to the MusicMan for recording, but what a growl!! :o +0
March 04 2021 17:13:41
Ernie440 Nice!! I was wondering what you were using .. sounds heavy as f**k!!! It's a monster. +1
March 04 2021 17:17:01
JoeOnBass I have a Hotone B-Station pre-amp and if you wind the bass all the way off and crack the mids and treble with no compression - boom, this is what it gives you. I watched a bunch of YouTube videos for it and really only got three sounds out of it, but this one is great for Iron Maiden/Anthrax/Fates Warning type riffs. Which is good, that's the kind of metal I like. :-) +0
March 04 2021 17:23:12
Ernie440 That's cool, nice to find something that works for you!! You know it! Oh yeah .. it's definitely a metal tone you're getting out of it. When I attempt to play metal ... still stuck with that 70's outdated sound which is OK but I do tire so ... LOL Nice one Joe!! Never heard of that pre amp actually but I don't study the gear much these days. too lazy as well haha!! :D Also I got a feeling that neck thru would sound great no matter what you play it through. +1
March 04 2021 17:37:25
JoeOnBass I was at a Sam Ash store and it was on clearance for $80 so I bought it. AT the time I had no idea I'd join Wikiloops and record every night, I'd have bought something with more modeling if I'd known. The neck through is a cool Schecter model, I'm not a big Schecter fan but this one particular bass is really strong in live situations, but it's heavy to carry. It's pretty much this model: https://www.schecterguitars.com/vault/stiletto-stage-4-white-detail +1
March 04 2021 17:45:32
Ernie440 Nice streamlined bass at a reasonable cost!! You can pretty much find something decent in any midrange line. Same is true with the big names (U have to check them out .. duh!) ... always remember a guy trying to sell me his "ric" when I was playing my American jazz exclusively ... I put down my bass (was at band practice) picked up the "ric" and noodled a bit ... it felt like a piece of lightweight garbage with a shitty tone .. I always heard they were legendary .. this one wasn't apparently. Maybe it was a Chinese copy who the ***k knows!! :D:D +1
March 04 2021 18:06:49
JoeOnBass I was never a Ricenbacker fan, I always remember people playing Rics through Ampeg heads and Earth Cabs, (just made myself old with that comment) they just sounded muddy to me. I have a bunch of basses, live I play a Kubicki, a MusicMan Sterling and some other really cool things, but recording is tough. I guess you need a P-Bass (not for me) and a Jazz Bass and you're good for almost any sound. I muddle through with constantly tweaking the sound to hear something cool. With the pre-amp I have I can get a bluesy and jazzy "full sound", and this metal sound with almost any bass. It seems like every recording has a different sound on it. It's funny though, my live amp sound is always the same no matter what bass I use. Recording, not so much. I'm still learning. :-) +1
March 04 2021 18:58:41
Ernie440 :W +0
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