OH OH! (Come to Swing)

+ 53
(NO VOCALS @1:57 to 2:30/3:44 to 4:37 - Come join me!)
oh oh oh oh oh oh
i think i mighta done it again
i fell in love with you
i must admit that you're the wrong man
why won't i ever learn
is my skull that thick
i'm so done with all your tricks yeah
you said i said we said
we could never be through
hey boy listen real good
what we didn't want has come true
why won't i ever learn
why am i such a fool
how the hell did i forget loving you's not cool no
oh oh
yeah i think i mighta done it again x 4


November 03 2015 03:43:13
aleonzaleonz glad I found this gem from you, Oli & DFD, very cool style and your gorgeous voice just lift up this song! beautiful Anne! always a pleasure to listen to you

November 02 2015 03:18:29
MidoruMidoru Very nice song, Anne - great vocal delivery.

September 13 2015 16:56:21
PsychoPsycho Tof led me here... Excellent spunky song gal. I hear some fine vocal range on this one Anne... I'm mucho liking it a lot :)

September 13 2015 16:23:06
MarceysMarceys Ah, are you one of these ladies that falls for the "wrong" man! :)
The positive side of this story that you have some material to write this cool lyrics! Great singing Anne!

September 02 2015 11:04:36
enr2senr2s Esta muy vien

August 22 2015 04:53:44
goldtop68goldtop68 olivbee, dafunkydrummer, and annecozean, that is the coolest tune I have heard in a long time, I am not surprised it's been played over 2600 times, loved it!
+0 August 22 2015 05:01:31 goldtop68AnneCozean
hey, thank you for the song love! we appreciated it..:)
April 24 2015 18:10:43
LieschingLiesching Classy, Anne! A weekly gift to reward myself with one of your jewels. Pure art! :)
+1 April 28 2015 17:10:21 LieschingAnneCozean
thank you, Marc. love your reviews - they are so juicy! :)
March 05 2015 23:10:15
HarriHarri I just keep on discovering great audible experiences on wikiloops. This is also 1 of them
+1 March 06 2015 18:03:23 HarriAnneCozean
thanks so much, Harri - i was in good company here....:)
March 07 2015 09:04:57 HarriHarri
You can sing that again ;)
October 18 2014 02:48:41
kimbokimbo oooooooo,,,,, anne ....and oli,,,, and obbvoulsli klaus..... can help but have a go.
sooo goood:

August 30 2014 16:49:42
StevenSteven great jam I love this style of music

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