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Tried to nail this down today. 3 people visited my little studio trying to record. Battery died in the MusicMan just past mid-way in the song, punched in and out today more than a Union Time-clock, not at all happy with the end result, too much like Enter Sandman. Maybe I'll revisit, it's here to remind me to lock the front door and stock up on 9-volt batteries.
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ya its does sound like talica thats good do more very easy to add vocols to this...+1
March 08 2021 07:28:59
JoeOnBass Please do! :W +0
Haha, like the story. Yeah, definitely getting a Metallica vibe - but that's more the guitar. I mean, for a start we can hear the bass :) Seems damn good to me, anyway, a very rounded sound that underpins the track nicely.+1
March 08 2021 16:25:37
JoeOnBass Many thanks. I swear, every time I went to hit the record button, either the doorbell rang or, well, I killed off my battery and didn't have a ready replacement. Started the song with an active bass, ended it with a passive bass. Either way, it was a fun song to jam on, really reminded me of Metallica's Enter Sandman song. +1
Well hell that's annoying, phones ringing, knocks on the door, yet still, this still sounds wicked amigo!! Nice stuff Joe. David here .. another guitar player to explore that plays some very heavy stuff :O:W+1
March 08 2021 20:07:40
JoeOnBass I've been scavenging his archives for more metal. :-) I love me this Wikiloops!!!!!! +1
March 08 2021 20:13:27
Ernie440 Yeah the loops .. snot bad! :D +0
March 08 2021 20:20:44
Ernie440 oh yeah btw .. is your musicman eating batteries? I thought I heard you mention that before on another track ... or maybe I'm dreaming ... +1
March 08 2021 20:55:16
JoeOnBass I'm the idiot who wakes up and finds I never unplugged it when I hung it up. Over and over, so yeah, I clean through a 9-volt in a week. I'm keeping Duracell in business. I'd recommend a new one before each live gig, otherwise, at home I just drain them, though I notice, the MusicMan will cut out before the battery is totally dead - gauging by the old tongue-test. They still have a little juice in them, but I guess not enough to power the bass. ironically, the Kubickis use 2 batteries and lasts considerably longer, but they're too hot to record with on my set-up. +1
March 08 2021 22:14:52
Ernie440 I do that too, and the air is always blue when I get up and see the bass plugged in like that. Got to love non active basses when that happens. +1
Love it. Do you have lyrics for this? This has 'the poor' all over it. Check out more wine waiter please.+1
March 09 2021 17:21:05
JoeOnBass I don't have lyrics for it but I'd love to hear vocals over it. +1

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