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Got the MusicMan repaired today, wound down the bass tone, played with a plec, made it raw and gritty, hope it answers the call for an AIC bass line. ROCK!
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AIC, grit, twangy bas


Excellent Joe. You deferred to the cause a lot but the grit carries the load in the straight forward parts. I liked the stop and go navigation in the mid section. This is top notch, if I was in the car i'd increase the bass EQ a notch or 2 but for Wikiloops it's a good mix.+1
March 14 2021 05:16:30
JoeOnBass Thanks Dirk. So, strings were the issue, literally hundreds of hours on them in a short time, I somehow couldn't figure out to just change them. I dialed out the bass and just made the clank tone here with a pic, rarely do I attempt to use one, and rode the rhythm. I appreciate the listen, it was a good track to warm back up on. Now I'm going to try to tackle some jazz. :-) +1
March 14 2021 05:17:04
JoeOnBass I also dropped the E string to the D caliber and rode it low. +1
March 14 2021 05:19:40
DirkL You're on a Jazz kick huh? Is this something which comes with wisdom? I noticed the older people get the less they jam metal and they go weather channel elevator music. It's a curious thing. +1
March 14 2021 05:22:03
DirkL LOL your "post-mortem" is hilarious. This is a killer jam Joe. A guitarist's dream to solo on you'll see. I was just giving you bass brownie points for sticking to the root note most of the way, since most people don't care if there is any bass at all in the mix! #NeverForgetJasonNewsted +1
March 14 2021 06:34:57
JoeOnBass Well, actually I play in a groove metal band in Los Angeles with two Yngwie Malmsteen guitarists, and I have a good 100+ metal collaborations, even from just the past few months online, but jazz was something I never tackled in life. I was a thrash metal, punk, glam metal and straight out hard rock player. I toured with a bunch of hair metal bands, but my father always listened to really good jazz, he drummed in jazz bands in NYC in his musical prime, so I decided to delve into it. It feels really good when you play it. +1
Great track !!!
And Great bassline joe:W
March 14 2021 08:23:59
JoeOnBass I appreciate that, it's kind of twangy, I'm dialing in new tones, good practice. +1
really enjoying this grind-grit Joe :W it's thick as hell too...phat! hehe :W :W+1
March 14 2021 08:29:39
JoeOnBass Super twangy. Not my favorite tone but it was a good experiment for grit. Thanks for another cool track! +1
Totally bad ass playing and sound. Perfect add to this crazy cool song. Sounds amazing. Thanks Joe.+1
March 14 2021 17:48:06
JoeOnBass Thanks Ray, I'm glad you like it. I'm a little unfamiliar with blending that super crunch tone in but it came out neat. lets do more!!! +1
March 14 2021 18:39:51
rp3drums Absolutely! I have a steady stream of hits coming.... +1
March 14 2021 18:55:30
JoeOnBass Best news ever!! +1
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